Existential crises!

They are fun aren’t they - think I’m going into one which is cool. Got the old waking at 4 in the morning thing yesterday thinking about mystic megs death.

Think I’m always going through a mild one and the scales too a bit sometimes. Should have really sorted out my career at some point. :face_with_peeking_eye: feel a bit if a dork as relatively everything’s great and I’m hella lucky in countless ways. Anyway - let’s talk about existential crises a bit - keep it light!

Also I’m off for a walk so not actually going to see why if this fir an hour or so!


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Is waking at 4 every morning, filled with dread, the source of which is unidentifiable not completely normal in an adult human?

Every day is for learning!


I’ll be 36 this year. The same age Byron was when he died. I’ve already outlived Keats and Shelley. But where’s my Epipsychidion? Nowhere.


Can you remember when you last used it?


Maybe not every night - seems a bit to

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Whenever I look into the future (i.e. my own, not necessarily the wider context future ya know) lately, I’m just getting nothing. Not like in a “oh it’s definitely going to bad” way, just a “nope - nothing” sort of way.

Remember that Germany and Japan had a falling out in 1944 regarding map tracing- it was an Axis-stencil crisis!


Been spending a lot of time staying up until the early hours these last few weeks contemplating where I am in life and how to escape work early. Think I’ve settled on the answer is that I should get a cat and plan a holiday.