Expensive Steakhouse

Obsessed with this, genuinely never knew places like this existed. >£600 for a steak. “Sweet Corn £12.”

Has anyone ever been anywhere that can compare to this? What was it like

The power of memes


Free Turkish tea.


Looking at pics on Google Maps and it’s full of people, like a canteen almost. Surely you’d realise you’re getting mugged off!

as i said in the other thread, the drinks alone tell you everything you need to know about the kind of people that eat there


Had to get my head around this in Istanbul, water cost money, tea was free. Turkish apple tea is the fucking bomb.

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Weird how this has come round again isn’t it. Was being shared before lockdown (or a similar receipt was)

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Still the weirdest Maradona video


Just realised they paid £9 for a bottle of water there. sighs in Robespierre

Oh the date is on it. There was definitely another receipt going around though

Hope Giant Tomahawk had a go at 'split this four ways, guys?" when the bill came


Hold on is Salt Bae a real restaurant man


Yeah, he has this restaurant and some others probably

I wouldn’t argue with someone called Giant Tomahawk tbf


I’ve been for expensive meals but not like this I don’t think

It’s hard to tell how many people were dining but whatever, paying that much for steak and chips is silly

Well with these prices he must be farting through silk.

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He has about 12 now. Seem to remember he spent most of last somewhere quite unexpected in America like Dallas or something.

You mean his pants are made of silk or is this something to do with having a silken anus/silky bum hair?

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I kind of meant expensive bed sheets but pants will do. Not the bum hair thing.

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hilarious that he has an image of himself in the logo on the front of the restaurant, proper kebab shop stuff