Expensive Steakhouse

I wouldn’t argue with someone called Giant Tomahawk tbf


I’ve been for expensive meals but not like this I don’t think

It’s hard to tell how many people were dining but whatever, paying that much for steak and chips is silly

Well with these prices he must be farting through silk.

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He has about 12 now. Seem to remember he spent most of last somewhere quite unexpected in America like Dallas or something.

You mean his pants are made of silk or is this something to do with having a silken anus/silky bum hair?

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I kind of meant expensive bed sheets but pants will do. Not the bum hair thing.

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hilarious that he has an image of himself in the logo on the front of the restaurant, proper kebab shop stuff


Ah ok, right. So this guy has expensive bed sheets and the only place he ever does farts is in bed (on his back)

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Lol @ meat eaters, etc.


Only if he only has sheets on the mattress and not between himself and the duvet, but potentially. The fact is he can probably spend a great deal on the material he passes wind through.

Plain Bae

this looks like somewhere i’d eat a lamb doner on the walworth road at like 4am


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Gotta admit, when this meme did the rounds 10 years ago, I had assumed it was a character from a film / TV series or something. Or at the very least a non-descript waiter somewhere who someone just happened to get a good photo of while they were dining out.


I’ve seen his instagram page a few times normally due to some football twitter account saying “x with salt bae” some of the food does not look pleasant particularly the burgers.

Wouldn’t be paying that for tofu, would you


dunno how people with this money don’t have a moment of reflection and think “actually, I think there are better/more worthwhile things we could be spending our money on” like…just anything else?


Maybe to wean the public off of beef they should slowly replace all the maccies and burger kings with Nusr-Et Steakhouses

Yeah I’m imaging looking around at all the other schmucks and thinking “Ahh right, hold on, yeah I’m being done here”

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To Mr and Mrs Bae, a son, Salt


One ten thousandth of a Jordon Ibe