Experts on travelling with an infant on easyJet ASSEMBLE

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I’m flying with a little person in a few weeks. I think we’ll need a hold bag. According to their website I need to pay for this BUT the last time I took him on a flight we were struggling with hand luggage overload issues and they told us at the check in desk that infants under 2 get a free hold bag so we just popped one in for no extra dosh. There’s no mention of this on their website so not sure if they keep it under the radar on purpose to squeeze money out of you or the person just made a mistake in that instance…

  • I know for a fact that you can just turn up with a hold bag for an infant and they’ll take it without charging you
  • I’m not 100% sure but I think that you’ll be alright
  • I’d err on the side of caution and just pay the extra £33 (return) ffs
  • I know for a fact that you have to pay for infant’s hold bags.

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Is there some kind of restriction on what size of small person you’re putting in the bag?

If they have a seat, they will probably have a baggage allowance.

as long as they don’t put on weight during the flight I think you’re ok.

you’re thinking of cabin bag’s m9. under 2s don’t get a seat but you’re allowed to bring an extra (free) cabin bag for them. that much is clear. we’re talking HOLD bags here.

Sorry - my mistake.

As you were.

Does having kids render people incapable of making phonecalls to confirm something?

The info is all on their website:

kinda yeah


Does having kids render people incapable of reading OPs?

But essentially, no you don’t get a free hold bag. You can however check two items of child equipment for free. My sister used to just fill her travel cot holder with stuff and check that in if that would work for you.

Please read my follow up message…

yeah i know the official line. just wondering if anyone has inside knowledge

I’ve taken kids on Easyjet about 20 times (they are a remarkably child friendly airline tbh tbf) and have never been offered this or seen anyone else be offered it. Hope that helps :+1:


you have to wear your baby on your head when boarding the flight.


ok coolio dudio. maybe the reason we got away with it last time is cos that person was lax on the interpretation of those items you’re allowed to add for free.

Think you have to wear the infant on your head when you board.

why am i reading up on this?

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I’ve decided unless I’m going away for at least 2 weeks with the family, that I’m not leaving the country for about 10 years. Not worth the whole travelling circus level of shit you have to carry around with you

definitely true if it weren’t for the fact that my nearest family are over 400 miles away

maybe ask meths to tweet them?