Explain, in layman's terms, what you're doing at work right now


There will be a prize for the most tedious.

I am going through a >100 page document and deleting a specific word most - but, crucially, not all - of the times it occurs.

I AM AN etc


I’m cutting out bits of fabric and then giving them a good clean with one of those lint rollers to avoid doing real work.
Pinking shears are quite fun really.


I’m making diagrams of how our company structure compares to that of our customers. 20 customers.


I am designing/drawing some staircases.


Extending a piece of software to allow other pieces of software to request the dialling code for a particular country


typing numbers that don’t matter into computer boxes


i am changing the words in an animated graphic template, then pressing render and waiting 10 minutes. then repeating this 10-15 more times.


Going through a series of 80 code changes to ascertain which part of the software they effect so I can then build a coherent list of areas our Quality Control team have to test before we can ship back to the customer. PLOT TWIST: it shouldn’t be possible to even notice these code changes when using the system as they are incredibly minor.


Moving various bits of type around a screen, until I think the positioning of them looks aesthetically pleasing.


I am writing a word document all about me and what I do to persuade my employer to employ me in my job.


I’m emailing Celeste to advise her of my dietary requirements for Wednesday’s lunch.



Our lives are terrible. This is why we DiS.


just reading and stuff


Typing up some interview recordings. It’s not particularly interesting.


do you have to email daphne separately?


Firmware updates on loads of equipment using the world’s shittest serial adaptor


Translating a Spanish Standard Operating Procedure into English


Anyone doing anything of substantial worth to human existence? At all?


I’m bolting on a bit of functionality which will allow our customer service team to export various bits of financial data.

Well, I will be when I muster up the motivation to do this incredibly dull task.


I’m trying to find a Meter Point Administration Number. In layman’s terms, I’m about to waste 45 minutes of my time on hold to British Gas.