Explainably unsuccessful artists



Can’t really see my mam putting on some Prinzhorn Dance School


All local support bands.


Why not? Could be her favourite band


Just don’t think it’s to her tastes


Violent Delight


That’s a shame. How about Cajun Dance Party? Reckon she’d like them?


Too many from yesteryear and current. From the top of my head:

Yesteryear: Madder Rose, Velocity Girl, Black Tambourine, Galaxie 500 and Tsunami.

Current: Jen Cloher, Desperate Journalist, Camp Cope and Petal.

Just realized that nearly all my list are female fronted bands and artists.


I saw the Libertines first on the bill at the Hope & Anchor in Islington once.

Erm… Perhaps that proves your point.


I think she wouldn’t mind it, but wouldn’t put it on in the car


Please explain


Just my own observations on my music tastes. I guess they haven’t changed over 20 years. My go to genre is female fronted indie rock.


I think you may have the wrong thread my friend


FOTL. Too good for the masses


Excellent Yesteryear choices :slight_smile: …but the the thread is explainably unsuccessful artists - rather than unexplainedly unsuccesful artists…
Madder Rose did headline the second stage at Reading 94 - somewhat succesful, but agreed should have been much bigger
Galaxie 500 definitely have Cult appeal - I got about 9 compliments on my Galaxie 500 t-shirt at the Cure one-dayer at Hyde Park recently - much to the bafflement of my friends…
I enjoyed revisiting Simpatico for the first time in 20 years or so the other week


Yep. I read the title of the thread wrong.


I love Simpatico. I remember buying it via mail from a record shop called Beat Route in 1994. That was the long summer when I finished my A’Levels and was waiting for uni. That Velocity Girl album was one of the soundtracks to my summer.


btw…worth checking out Snail Mail - Lush if you are yet to…its not a perfect album but has some incredible highlights - Pristine & Stick are probably 2 of my favourie 3 tunes of the year. Its’ sonically right up your street of yearning female led fronted indie-rock and sounds very early 90s - meant very much as compliment


I saw them(/her?) a few months ago at The Oslo. Great band.

I very recent discovery and a band I’ve just seen earlier today are Linda Guilala (a band and not a solo artist). A female fronted Spanish shoegazing band. Their album Psiconáutica could easily fit amongst my Lush, Black Tambourine albums from the 90s. They’re worth a listen.


Any great esoteric 90s bands that you know that may be under the radar for me and others?

For oldies like me the internet wasn’t around back then and I may have missed a few gems.


Oh cool - good to know they were already on your radar. I hope to see them live one of these days. Thanks for that tip - will certainly check out. Actually a spanish band are near the top of my picks of the year - its more post-punk meets shoegaze and quite derivative but very strong tunes - Puput - Purga.