Explainably unsuccessful artists

Can’t really see my mam putting on some Prinzhorn Dance School

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All local support bands.


Why not? Could be her favourite band

Just don’t think it’s to her tastes

Violent Delight

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That’s a shame. How about Cajun Dance Party? Reckon she’d like them?

Too many from yesteryear and current. From the top of my head:

Yesteryear: Madder Rose, Velocity Girl, Black Tambourine, Galaxie 500 and Tsunami.

Current: Jen Cloher, Desperate Journalist, Camp Cope and Petal.

Just realized that nearly all my list are female fronted bands and artists.

I saw the Libertines first on the bill at the Hope & Anchor in Islington once.

Erm… Perhaps that proves your point.

I think she wouldn’t mind it, but wouldn’t put it on in the car

Please explain

Just my own observations on my music tastes. I guess they haven’t changed over 20 years. My go to genre is female fronted indie rock.

I think you may have the wrong thread my friend

FOTL. Too good for the masses

Excellent Yesteryear choices :slight_smile: …but the the thread is explainably unsuccessful artists - rather than unexplainedly unsuccesful artists…
Madder Rose did headline the second stage at Reading 94 - somewhat succesful, but agreed should have been much bigger
Galaxie 500 definitely have Cult appeal - I got about 9 compliments on my Galaxie 500 t-shirt at the Cure one-dayer at Hyde Park recently - much to the bafflement of my friends…
I enjoyed revisiting Simpatico for the first time in 20 years or so the other week


Yep. I read the title of the thread wrong.

I love Simpatico. I remember buying it via mail from a record shop called Beat Route in 1994. That was the long summer when I finished my A’Levels and was waiting for uni. That Velocity Girl album was one of the soundtracks to my summer.

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btw…worth checking out Snail Mail - Lush if you are yet to…its not a perfect album but has some incredible highlights - Pristine & Stick are probably 2 of my favourie 3 tunes of the year. Its’ sonically right up your street of yearning female led fronted indie-rock and sounds very early 90s - meant very much as compliment

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I saw them(/her?) a few months ago at The Oslo. Great band.

I very recent discovery and a band I’ve just seen earlier today are Linda Guilala (a band and not a solo artist). A female fronted Spanish shoegazing band. Their album Psiconáutica could easily fit amongst my Lush, Black Tambourine albums from the 90s. They’re worth a listen.

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Any great esoteric 90s bands that you know that may be under the radar for me and others?

For oldies like me the internet wasn’t around back then and I may have missed a few gems.

Oh cool - good to know they were already on your radar. I hope to see them live one of these days. Thanks for that tip - will certainly check out. Actually a spanish band are near the top of my picks of the year - its more post-punk meets shoegaze and quite derivative but very strong tunes - Puput - Purga.