Exploding Head Sessions - monthly night / radio show in London

Hey guys,

Hope you don’t mind me posting this here. I’m trying to grow the awareness of a night I run at The Shacklewell Arms in London.

Exploding Head Sessions is a monthly night hosted by myself (an audio engineer) and my colleague Jack, who runs an online show called Tuckshop Community Radio.

We run Exploding Head Sessions as part live show, part radio show. I record each band’s set at the gig, take it away and mix it and then pass it on to Jack to play on his show.

Each week he puts out a show dedicated to one of the band’s who played a session for us. On that show he plays recorded tracks from the gig, a speed dating style interview and also a mixtape chosen by the band.

We then put the set in its entirety up on our soundcloud so that people can listen back whenever they please.

We’re also happy to provide each band with the fully mixed set to use as much, or as little, as they like.

So far we’ve had the likes of Squid, USA Nails, FLOAT, Warm Brains, Claw Marks, Ditz, Gaygirl, Inevitable Daydream, Mush, Scottibrains, Bo Gritz, Ice Baths, Beach Riot, Great Ytene, Frauds, Human Pet, Modern Rituals, Abjects, Vinyl Staircase etc. etc. etc. come and do a session for us.

Our first session of 2019 is a week today (Wed 9th) and features the amazing Witch Fever, Something Leather and Scout Leader.

If you’re interested and would like to hear some of our previous sessions then you can find them on our Soundcloud

Similarly, all of Jack’s radio shows can be found on his Tuckshop Mixcloud

Finally, if you’re in a scuzzy / fuzzy / shoegazey kinda band and would be interested in playing a session for us, drop us a message!

Thanks for your time and hopefully see you at one of our next sessions!



Here’s our Facebook page - Exploding Head Sessions