Exploiting Validation Loopholes Online For Your Own Amusement

So every week on Monday, the volleyball organiser sends out a Google Form for people to use to sign up for volleyball that Wednesday.

Each week there are more people than spots, so they tend to get taken up pretty quickly.

This week they went faster than ever, and in the WhatsApp group once the 18 spots were filled, the organiser let people know the sign ups were now closed and only the first 18 would be picked, as she’d initially said.

She’s a very stern sort, and didn’t seem happy that Dimitar had added his name twice, probably by accident, and both outside of the first 18. Despite this she made a public point that the rules were clear and he could not play Wednesday.

Since the Google Forms are anonymous, I then took the opportunity to add Dimitar’s name another 12 times.

Since I am a big child, this has made me cry tears of laughter and even writing this post has made me crack up all over again. I am now eagerly awaiting the fallout in the WhatsApp group.



Sorry Dimitar

I just wanna play volleyball man

classic Dimitar


volleyball man has been downgraded apparently by those bloody games devs

Damien Rice had nothing to do with me, looked like someone else joined in too.


Damien Rice is a pleasingly low-level celeb reference


Brilliant :rofl:

Haha, I love stuff like this. Reminds me of when my place of work had an online blog written in a really serious way when in fact it was all bullshit, they had anonymous comments section at the bottom. I concocted this to and fro featuring five different characters arguing about this person’s conduct at a wedding where they had gotten really drunk and threw up on the cake, the story got more and more complex with different subplots developing across comment sections in multiple blog posts, then they disabled the comments and it was gone forever, which made me quite sad.