Explosion in London?


What’s going on?

All ok?


It looks like nobody was badly hurt so far, hopefully it’ll stay that way! People panicking just in itself can be really dangerous


My mum called me in a massive panic and told me to be very careful if i leave the office today and should probably go home if i can.

I live in North London and work in Shoreditch…


I just got into work, fortunately not on the district line today as I work out west but not too near Parsons Green, and hear about this.

The photo on the BBC looks odd, the bucket in a bag on fire. A few months back there was a small explosion on the overground when a workman’s battery or something exploded so hopefully if more something like that.


The telegraph’s coverage is using a kneejerk twitter source claiming it’s terrorism called "midget porn lover"
This fucking country


Case in point:

Emma, who was at Parsons Green station, says: "We were running down the stairs like… it felt like for our lives… like sprinting, so happy I was wearing trainers…

"And I went down the stairs and after a while people were just piling on top of each other, because people were falling over trying to run so quickly.

“And there were two ladies underneath me and a little boy to my right, his head had been smacked into the concrete.”


My colleague comes right through Parsons Green on the District Line, emailed just before I heard about it to say his trains were cancelled for some reason.


Apparently it’s just a chemical reaction between products in a builder’s work bag, that’s all.


But he had wires!!!11111! What sort of workman has technical equipment on him!!!/?


Hope everyone’s well and safe.


Doesn’t look like that to me


That, or the battery thing again.


Oof, colleague is in, he was on the train ahead of it. Would have been in the same carriage it happened in if he’d been a few minutes later.


guys - you can kind of forgive people for being a little antsy??

not the press though obviously - fuck those guys.


we must ban builders from the tube.


Finally a voice of reason.


Good on you for saying what needs to be said. London in chaos. etc.

(honestly hope no one is badly hurt in the explosion or the ensuing panic)


Being treated as terrorism


midget porn lover will be pleased


Default setting. Everything’s terrorism until proven otherwise. In the meantime, the public gets more and more scared. Which is exactly where this government wants us to be. The more scared we are, the more control they have over us.