Explosion in NYC



Not sure how this couldn’t be terrorism really, though?


It could’ve been attempted murder with a single target in mind but I dunnu

Good to hear that there is no one in critical condition and for the most part only scratches were suffered.


Interesting that they say that there are no indications of it being linked to terrorism. Yet they’ve found a second device.

Presumably it only counts as terrorism if there are muslims involved. If not, it’s just the Dukes of Hazard.


“Nobody knows exactly what’s going on, but boy, we are living in a time - we better get very tough, folks.”

Horrible obviously. But the who or why doesn’t matter any more, it’s all just more momentum for America’s inevitable slide into totalitarianism.


I’m there as I type. Just seen Andrew Cuomo give a press conference.


Obvious road closures on 23rd and Park Avenue and 6th.