Explosion near Bristol #ssp

Multiple casualties reported. Heartbreaking - I really hope everyone and their loved ones are ok x



Think this is quite irresponsible from the BBC, that reporting of casualties seems to have been lifted straight from the typically sensationalist Bristol Post (who reported casualties at 11 this morning but are yet to substantiate that claim).

I used to work on the Avonmouth industrial estate. I’m at least thankful that the fertiliser plant hasn’t gone up too.

a proper rag.

the article quotes a fire service spokesperson directly saying that there were multiple casualties to be fair

Yeah I’ve actually just seen BBC News on the telly just say “major incident” rather than “multiple casualties” now. Let’s hope no ones been hurt then.

That was my first thought too (another former Avonmouther here), funnily enough today was the day they usually test the siren for that (they’ve decided not to for obvious reasons). The site where the explosion happened is fortunately (in the circumstances) quite a long way from the other nasty stuff in Avonmouth (fertiliser plant, grain storage etc).

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Casualties now confirmed by police

This is awful, 4 people have died.