Explosions in the Sky turn 20 (and tour)

Well this is exciting. Fingers crossed UK dates to come soon


I don’t understand why I care so much, but it makes me so angry that these guys are so much more popular than Mogwai.


Mogwai are doing pretty well I think they can all be friends


It’s completely irrational, I know this but just looking and comparing their play count on Spotify makes me cross.

Anyway, carry on everyone.

I’d guess this is primarily due to where their respective home markets are. In the UK I’d say (without any hard facts to back this up) they’re similarly popular - certainly in terms of venues they’d play and festival slots they get - but with Explosions hailing from North America they get huge amounts of plays from that market that Mogwai have never cracked to the same extent.

Friday Night Lights broke them I think.


Explosions in the sky are brilliant and, I feel, unfairly derided on here but y’know each to their own.


Damn no Connecticut dates, NY or NJ again. Ehhh

They’re much prettier and sweeter and generally people like that over noise and rage, imho

Earth is a Cold Dead Place is pretty perfect album though, right up there with the best Mogwai stuff for me


Interest has waned in post rock, which was fairly inevitable given the sheer number of bands making similar music. But I genuinely think EITS have been innovators, creating brilliant and emotionally stirring music.

Very much hoping this comes across to the UK.


I never gave the rest of their discography a fair shot, but I love Those Who Tell the Truth. Yasmin the Light is particularly amazing, the part where it explodes out of nowhere is an all-time great moment.


So good when they play it live


One of the greatest curations of ATP ever as well…



I thought they were a bit before it all played out; loads of bands came in their wake which ripped them off badly - and i’d even include them in that by the time of All of a sudden i miss everyone came out. They just got so dull. Perhaps it was just me but in the wake of ‘the earth is a cold dead place’ post rock reached it’s critical point of shitness.

AT first though they were great, touring ‘Those who tell the truth…’ they really rocked. remember on the flyer it described them as “from violence to silence” so thought i should check them out, and indeed, they were pretty violent (sounding of course!)


Now Mogwai’s schtick is just utterly unbearable, I have decided to get right behind EITS again. I say welcome back lads.

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Yea maybe, although it still felt relatively fresh at the time (to me at least) Mogwai and Godspeed were both still relatively new. Following that,probably around 2004-6ish, every other band i saw/played with seemed to have some kind of delay action going down and at least one ‘shimmering’ song with a big climax.

(My memory is shit though so you know, timelines could be all over the shop!)

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Amazing lineup. That and Dirty Three ATP were wonderful.


Sorry, what? In what world are EITS more popular than Mogwai?

Or have I read it wrong?

This is now the glacial takes thread.


Jokes on them, I haven’t stuck with them at all

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