Exposed yourself at work recently?

Yesterday our head of Customer Experience took a photo of the shower tap at work - it was turned to full hot and he asked ‘Who has been showering on the highest temperature??’

He did not make the connection between him being naked, a shower tap being shiny&reflective, and posting this photo on an office channel to 55 people. We all saw his junk and the photo isn’t up any more.

Pls post relevant stories and/or puns I can use to taunt him below.




Yeah he meant to flash you all, the deviant.

I’ve walked in on people mid-shit before when they’ve forgotten to lock the cubicle door. In fact, I have played both roles in this play.

  • In the photo, he had a raging erection
  • In the photo, he did not have a raging erection

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Guy at work was in a porn film 20 years ago that somebody found and circulated

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What an absolute dickhead.
(The circulator)

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The Circulator was his porn name


I get this all the time! And even after I’ve checked I don’t always trust that it’s true. I get it the other way round too andceheb I go swimming I’m convinced I’m still fully dressed


Has anybody seen him since?

Yr work sounds like hell if you have people complaining about having to turn the temperature of the taps down.

Not at work but yesterday morning I did stand by the bedroom window with nothing on below the waist for a minute or two before realising and put some pants on before a crowd formed.

To be clear, he wasn’t complaining - I think he took a photo and made some Game of Thrones joke that I didn’t understand.

who takes their phone into the shower ? of did he take a photo on his digital SLR ?


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Few years ago I complained about a lack of biscuits with the coffee making stuff at a hotel on twitter.

One of my female colleagues/friends didn’t believe me so i sent photo evidence back.

Was naked, cock and balls reflected in the silver kettle.

Wasn’t even in a DM or anything just a reply. My account wasn’t private.


customer experience manager eh?

I’ll bet

Lol imagine someone doing a running bomb at the swimming pool not realising theyve got all their clothes on