Extracurricular spreadsheets

got any good ones on the go?

currently putting one together that divides all my spending from the past few months into different categories to show where all my money is going. was going to pretend I’m doing this for budgeting reasons but I’m really just interested. currently making the cells go different colours if they’re higher or lower than the average

got another banging one where I input my daily calories and weight and it works out a rolling TDEE based on averages. (i didn’t make this though, just got it off that there internet)

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just you wait

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You could get a Starling card which automatically does that for you.

where’s the fun in that?


True. I have a spreadsheet that tracks my daily resting heart for the last two years so I can put it into a nice graph and see how it changes.



i’ve started using my running watch to count daily steps and that. really expected more from it in terms of graphs etc

Yeah it’s annoying that you can’t export data from the Fitbit app.

Got one for keeping track of payments for my brother’s stag do. Got another couple related to the NFL fantasy football league I’m in (in case anyone asks, I do not know anything about American football).

Thinking of starting to use Google forms linking to a spreadsheet for things as well. Really try and standardise all interactions. Might road-test it on here.

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Had one going for a long time calculating my mortgage payments under different payment scenarios.

Then I paid off my mortgage and I don’t look at it as much any more to be honest.

Did one for my bathroom stuff but didn’t complete it.


not even for old time’s sake?

Only to admire my fine maths skills and financial prudence.

Pretty strict budgeting one

List of every film I’ve seen on Unlimited, broken down by month (8 per month this year exactly right now)

Some complex one for all the premium content in Simpsons Tapped Out I built way back when I was working part time and had no money

Started a new one for savings, now I have a savings account (with £137 in it)

Got one for budgeting/personal finance and one for flat hunting

this would be a good one

I saw 84 films in my first year of membership, and have seen 64 in this second year so far - so should beat last year!

I’ve got a few. One for keeping track of big spends - holidays and suchlike. One for my step count, which I’ve got completely since May 2013 and for the 2 summers prior to that. I think the on;y other one I’ve got is for band financials, ie, who paid for which rehearsals.

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Back when I used to internet chat with tennis nerds I usually knocked up a spreadsheet sorting out the group permutations of the ATP end of year championships, since routinely everybody got the rules wrong.

But I can’t be arsed this year.