Extraordinary cactus growth spurts

Does anyone here know anything about the typical growth habits of small cactus plants? Specifically what constitutes unsustainable mass gain.

This cactus used to be just the round furry grey part but now he’s growing 2 horns at a ferocious pace. These photos are only 2 weeks apart. Is he becoming spaghettified? I fear he is dying.

I think he is preparing to return to his home planet.


Why did looking at this cactus make my skin crawl? Serious trypophobia sensations.

Best way to slow the growth is to rub the cactus over your face. Something to do with your natural oils.

This is my desk cactus at work. It’s just about doubled in size since I got it, but the new top half is much thinner :man_shrugging:

Chonky cacti

Hate cacti, weird alien plant bastards. Give me the creeps.

Obviously there are loads of them in my house.

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I had one similar to this! Gently twist the growth that’s weighing it down off where it joins, let it dry for a little while then just plant it in its own pot - bonus cacti!

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Nothing to contribute here, just want you to know that I am a big fan of the thread title