extremely boring sunglasses thread

any of you lot managed to get scratches out of a pair of sunglasses yourself?

i’ve read a few things online about apparently using toothpaste but i’m a bit wary of rubbing colgate all over the lense and completely fucking them

alternatively does anyone have the number of a good french polisher?

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Take em into iolla next to firebird :+1:

do they do repairs even if you haven’t bought the sunglasses from them?

Good day sir, may I just tell you what extremely boring sunglasses you have?


quite like how he says ‘i’m on my way’ in an italian accent

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Imagine someone saying that to you

why thank you!

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I phoned them one day to see if they would and they said it wouldn’t be a problem. that being said the next day i proper broke my sunglasses so didn’t end up needing to go.

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what a rollercoaster of a post! :smiley:

thanks pal i’ll give them a shout

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never a dull moment ma man :smiley:

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I can’t think of what the longest I have ever owned a pair of sunglasses is before either breaking or losing them. I don’t think it’s longer than 6 months.

Also note - I have never spent more than £15 on a pair of sunglasses and I am resentful of the times I have even spent that much. Fuck knows how/why people smash £150+ on a pair.

think these were about £100 18 months or so ago, hence why i’d rather fix them if i can rather than just throw them away