Extremely minor confessions thread


I once stalled my (diesel) car because I was trying to change gear and squeeze out a fart at the same time.


i find my friend’s facebook photos of him and his family posing in front of a white background unbearable


I need more details. Like one of those detestable pro photo shoots?


yes. he’s had one done abroad with his girlfriend too.


Used a bit of another office’s milk for my tea yesters





rinsed the office next door’s green tea cos i ran out and they never drink it




I stole half a pack of chocolate digestives from a guy operating a fairground ride when I was 16 to impress a boy


I can tell that’s been eating you up inside for years.


I got him to go out with me though


Snaffled an extra bit of bacon on my breakfast in the canteen the other day, but still claimed it as a five item breakfast (2x bacon, 2 x hash brown and an egg).


The boy or the fairground operator?


once i killer a man, properly


My work canteen has coffee machines like the ones in Waitrose. It’s £1 for an Americano, 35p for extra shots of espresso. I move my cup aside towards the end of the hot water going in and give myself some extra espresso shots without declaring it at the till.


You’ve done yourself here.


Probably would have had a more meaningful relationship with the fairground guy tbh, good taste in biscuits, obviously likes to travel


Good access to fairground rides.


were they mcvities?