Extremely minor recent irks

sky go

clearly 7 and 8 have been watched, look how far along the blue bars are ffs, gonna make me watch the credits just to get rid of them


Drives me nuts

There’s about 6 or 7 tiles that are there at all times, meaning I have to go into a separate menu to retrieve Channel 4, WWE or Mubi as they fall out of the top 9/10

Fuck Sony

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My mum has recently started announcing on the family Whatsapp group when it’s a relative’s birthday and checks that me and my siblings have all posted a birthday message on their Facebook timeline, then sends individual pass-agg reminders if we haven’t done it by the afternoon


Oh god, that’s a source of misery on that side of the family. Pretty sure the last two times I saw my dad, something like Auntie Denise was upset at Cousin Kerry because she didn’t wish Nanna a happy birthday on Facebook or something, or Uncle David didn’t like Cousin Joanne’s message on his birthday, but liked the one from his two children. Absolutely endless.

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My mum literally has nothing better to do atm than crawl Facebook because she’s retired while my sister is WFH for 10 hour days plus looking after her two kids, LEAVE US ALONE

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Argh would drive me bonkers. Every few months I think “oh sure would be nice to reactive FB and see how XYZ is getting on”, but then remember this stuff happens. Relatives eh? Can’t choose ‘em :’)

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M watches a show called Miraculous, but to make it fit in the theme tune they sing it as mira-culous not mirac-ulous but they say it correctly during the show.

Choose one.

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When someone posts 29 days later so I can’t say “Like the film”

Because I live in a town full of old people all the restaurants stop taking orders at 7.

Before sensible people even eat!

Woah, never heard of this!

when people have avatars that dont face their posts





not sure why this irks me but it does


I switched my avatar horizontally for this exact reason :fist_right:

This is rich coming from you

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thank you

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yours is fine


It’s annoying but if your avatar faces your posts then it also faces the wrong way when it’s in the top right corner. Weighed up which is best when I changed mine and decided it’s only me who can see the one in the corner so sacrificed my feelings for the greater good

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I think this stuff betrays an extremely narrow view of the world.

Album covers which don’t have the release/copyright date on the front or back.

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