Extremely minor recent irks

srsly though why ever look at bass tabs? just listen to the song and then play the bass part.

Piece of piss

We’ve had the trolling thread today, thanks.


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next door neighbour decided the best way of getting rid of old dilapidated wooden garage he didn’t want was to burn it to the ground. with hilarious (and predictable) consequences.

oh and don’t worry he checked it all out with the council and it was fine so don’t bother calling any emergency services.


THIS is the view yesterday from our lads window. This was after the flames had died down considerably.


Far too minor for this thread.

(fucking hell)


the man is a fucking idiot.

The garage is gone, isn’t it?

Check. Mate.

well … yes I suppose it is.

People who get into a swimming pool but just stand at one end for half an hour, thus making swimming in that lane difficult. Get in the jacuzzi, twat.


fake pocket on the back of my trousers
massive waste of real estate and of everyone’s time


Just bobbing around, traversing the pool widthways while folk are trying to do lengths. Scum.

Had to wait for 10 minutes on the way to work, while a skip lorry removed the skip from someone’s drive.

Only filing it as a minor irk because found it quite entertaining watching the skip man rushing around in the pissing rain to get the job done as quick as possible, plus the fact that a lot of folk in the queue would have been getting ‘Fully Irked’ made me laugh (in fairness, blocking a busy road at 8am for 10 mins is a bit of a wind up int it).

:smiley: what a fucking maniac

I love shit like this. Mainly because I now realise there’s nothing I can do about it, I’ve got my music, and as you say all the business wankers will be seething. Lolz.


True. When something is out of your control, what can you do? Just relax, daydream, whatever. And wait it out.

The sun is dyeing my floppy quiff blond.

This is halfway between a minor and a major, but more towards minor I reckon:

Last Friday got a FedEx slip through the door. They tried to deliver a parcel. So I went online, asked them to re-deliver on Monday, with instructions to leave with a neighbour as I would probably be at work. Was handily off sick on Monday, but it never arrived. Didn’t arrive on Tuesday either. Yesterday when I got home there was a slip again posted through our letterbox. They tried to deliver it again. Didn’t leave it with a neighbour. FUCKSAKE.

Meanwhile I’ve been on at their Twitter person via DM complaining about it. Apparently they will try again today and they do have instructions to leave with a neighbour.

The funny thing is; I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT THE PARCEL IS. I don’t have any deliveries outstanding. I have re-checked and double-checked my email. I’m not due anything. If they can’t leave it with a neighbour today then they may as well chuck it in the bin cos I don’t fucking know what it is.