Extremely minor recent irks

Ongoing irk but years ago I bought Scrooged on Amazon, not a dvd but the prime video. One year i checked and it was no longer on my account so assumed it was some rights BS that it couldn’t be shown in the UK as it didnt seem to exist to buy again but even so…i bought it! That shouldn’t matter!

Saw Scrooged is available on prime this year but my purchase hasnt been restored. Bought it so long ago now i cba pursuing but its my fave film. And i reeeeeally want to watch it but absolutely refuse to give them my money again.


Do you have the receipt in your emails? Worth complaining if so. Play dumb about when it went missing just point out you own it but you can’t watch it.

I once did this with 7 digital and got my MP3s back


If you are using the same account, then you should be able to search your Order History. Their customer service is normally relatively decent, so they may just give you access again.

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Postal service in my area is really slow at delivering stuff and keeps delivering me things which are addressed to completely different streets and postcodes.

Every work email someone is sending me this week looking for me to do anything


Cooking Instructions: See underside of label


Especially those ones that have to be peeled away that you get on joints of meat and they completely fall to pieces when the joint has been defrosted and you can’t read them at all and you just have to guess at the timings and you end up overcooking the meat and having a dry roast dinner and you get the blame even though it was Tesco’s fault but the afternoon is a disappointment and the bad mood carries on into the evening and all you can think about is did they even test these adhesive labels at all because the packaging definitely said suitable for home freezing with the little snowflake symbol but anyway I suppose that’s late stage capitalism for you they just want to make a quick buck and don’t really care about the consumer because what else are you going to do? Buy a joint from a proper butchers. You’re dreaming mate. No chance.


Yeah that’s rough.

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They don’t come with any cooking instructions! Absolute jokers


Didn’t duck sufficiently getting onto the subway and properly whacked my head. A child didn’t try very hard to hide her giggle. Then I had to suffer the indignity of spending the journey hunched over.

Glasgow, why are your trains so small?


They just announced a tour, probably well busy tbf to them

Don’t download a pdf onto my phone when I want to see the menu, just have it on your website ffs. I don’t even care if there’s a good reason at your end to do it that way, you should be the one inconvenienced, not me.


This is probably more moderate than minor, but Yodel has told us the scooter that is the most anticipated Christmas present for my son was left “behind the bins” because nobody was home.

  1. We were home, listening for a delivery.
  2. Our bins aren’t on the road, and there’s no package anywhere to be seen.

Ordered a record, wanted to cancel the order two hours later - already despatched! Normally this efficiency would make me so happy…but no, irked!

Update: package found at our “other” house (the one a few streets over we just bought but haven’t moved into yet). Neither of us have any recollection of putting this address in the order, so clearly Yodel are spying on us.


the giggle was probably for the comedy sound made as the tin hit the door frame!?


So much this

I wish there was a way to get my phone to actually ask me if I want to save the pdf when I click on a link that turns out to be to a pdf. But no it just does it automatically

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This has just prompted me to go through my downloaded files and delete them on my phone. 175 menus :sweat_smile: loads of them doubles or triple copies


touche. was either that or me saying “ayaz ya cunt” when it happened.

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We should all post them in a thread