Extremely minor recent irks

Just about finished a sudoku, then realised I had two 8s in the same column. No idea when I made the mistake so can’t go back and correct it - entire restart time ffs

And they muck about with embedded maps without actually having the full address properly written on copy&pasteable text. And don’t make it clear what times they’re open (i.e. is it a lunch & evening place, or just evenings?).

I think this is a really old comic, but still pretty much covers it:


Lots of very mundane “about last night” posts on Instagram today.

A bad photo of my neighbour’s kid doing absolutely nothing remarkable and also very clearly taken IN THE DAY.

Pure raging.




For needlessly annoying websites, see also: visitor attractions.

I’m on your website, so I’m interested. But don’t piss me about.

First and foremost, I wanna know when are you open TODAY and THIS WEEK. This actual week. Not some other week, but click here for some seasonal variation which applies during the next fortnight PDF thingy.

Secondly, location and entrance price. Keep it simple, yeah? Don’t muck about with chat about season passes and add-ons without addressing the basics.

Thirdly what is actually on TODAY and THIS WEEK, not some film flam about upcoming features or exhibitions, or faffery about stuff that’s usually there, but, sorry, actually it’s closed for refurbishment at the moment.


program that I have to use at work, you can tick “keep me signed in” when you log on… but it doesn’t keep me signed in


The shut down that facility in websites for us a few months back. Highly frustrating although it doesn’t seem to affect some, e.g. DiS.

Similarly, businesses/venues who rely on instagram over a website but who dont put their address on the bio. Or a photo of the venue from the outside. And places that say “Saturday 5pm - late”


Are you trying to send me into a meltdown? When is late? Is it always the same?

And then those places either never answer DMs or must spend their whole time answering the same question.


very much a thing in Rome I find.

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Not so bothered in Europe as i take that as guaranteed to be past my bedtime but in the UK it could be 9 or something. One place replied to me and said they’d probably close at 8 but feel free to try later. Lol

Yep, same.

Similarly, when we last had an IT refresh one of the most asked for things was a password manager. They gave us one. They then removed it over a year ago, promising a replacement was “coming soon”. It has not arrived.


off to see a gig tonight, lovely

when the band played last night it was support 730-8, headliners 820-940, home by 10. Perfect for a midweek!

But tonight? Support 8-830, support 2 850-920, headliners fucking 940 onwards

actively annoyed by having too much music to see

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Who are you going to see? Someone playing the world’s smallest violin?



im tired Rob, i didnt sleep well!

My mate who came down to see the Delgados last week stopped doing gigs on consecutive nights about twenty years ago, and would be impressed that I still would. I still do, I just keep very quiet about how it ruins me afterwards. I’ve got an all day festival next weekend, and I’m feeling knackered at the very prospect of it

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ah the tiredness-in-advance, what a lovely featuring of ageing (i know im still young actually shush)

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Don’t know why this annoyed me so much today. But in the song “Fly Away” by Lenny Kravitz he mentions that he wishes he could “fly into the sky, so very high like a dragonfly.”. Every time I’ve seen a dragonfly fly it’s on eye level. They don’t really elevate much beyond 10 feet, they just hover around. Could barely eat my lunch thinking about this today.


Ditched this despite having bought tickets and wrote a polite but complainy email about the times hah

Mate! :joy:

How long does it take you to get home from this gig?!

20 mins!