Extremely minor recent irks

So you’re complaining that a midweek gig might go on as late as 11pm meaning you’d be home by about 11.30pm, allowing for exit times? This just sounds normal to me, possibly nicely early if I’m honest!

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I am indeed!

idk it’s definitely within acceptable limits, not asking for a refund or anything, entirely my decision. But my mate had to be up at 6 the next day with a longer trip home than I had, and just seems a shame a bunch of people in her position would find those sort of later stage times to be a real drag

i’d have made the gig easily if I hadn’t been running on 3 hours sleep or it was a band I really loved. Just feel its one more element that makes gigs that bit harder to be bothered with for some people, and seems a shame when the previous night on the tour proves they could easily make a full length gig work just fine and still be done well before 10.

i put it in the minor irks thread for a reason also :wink:


also my main takeaway tbh is that two-support-act gigs should be outlawed by now (unless its an all-dayer type thing)

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Worth pointing out that almost all live music in Edinburgh is done by 10pm, maybe 10:30pm.

@JaguarPirate’s particular commute home is irrelevant though, live music that runs that late just isn’t as accessible.

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we’re a real cool happening place


Ah sorry, I misread you as saying the previous night in the venue had run that way so it felt a more tenuous connection.

To be clear, I agree that earlier nights are better but 9.40 doesn’t seem so bad given most non-huge bands will play about an hour max.

But then I’m a guy who will just suck up lack of sleep for a gig like that. Not like I get much more than 6 hours on an average night :grinning:

I guess it’s as much that you sent them an email to complain as the decision.

The perfect time for the majority of gigs, time to eat before and then can either have a drink and chat after, continue the night, get to bed at a reasonable time or in my case make the last train home and avoid a taxi/hotel.

I’d say my irk in this area is the inconsistency and how hard it is to find times. I shouldn’t be hunting down all the social accounts of the venue, promoter, headliner and supports in the hope someone posts a time.


Yeah good thing here at least is the band seem to be posting set times for every gig at 4/5pm - really appreciated that part at least

Really should be the standard though


Hopefully one day it will, I’d likely go to more and spend more in the local area.

Side note, wish matinee gigs became more of a thing. Once saw Nana Grizol at a 3pm Sunday show, had a great mix in the crowd as a few people had children with them.

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Obviously I understand the desire not yo post them is probably a combo of fear of time slipping and then it being an inconvenience to people relying on it, and the desire to let support acts get more exposure and venues recover more bar cash.

I have always felt bad when I’ve known times and essentially just seen the band I wanted to see without even needing to buy a drink. Would still do it though.

I’ve done the same and get just what you mean, but when you put it like that seems bizarre we all indulge in this hobby where the people putting the gigs on basically have to hold us at to make it worth their while :smiley:

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Yeah, fund the arts from tax, stop the profits. Fuckers.

When I use YouTube on my work computer for listening to Neil Young songs, I keep getting Grammarly adverts.

For some reason, a couple of separate ads are about people working for a ketchup company, and the way the voiceover says ketchup is way makes it sound like “catch-up”, and I do not have time in my day for people pronouncing ketchup incorrectly




When forwarding photos/videos from the media stream in a WhatsApp conversation, it’ll also forward any attached text comment unless you’re very vigilant about deleting it just before the point of pressing send.

It didn’t use to do that.

It’s very annoying. Because when in the media stream you can’t see whether there is or isn’t any text comment attached to an image or video.

At best, the comment will be irrelevant. At worst it’ll be incendiary.

Hasn’t caused a ruckus yet, but it’s only a matter of time.

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Chocolate bars that don’t have an even number of segments to allow for easy splitting with a loved one

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I avoid this dilemma by simply not having any loved ones.



The other option is to buy two, but who can afford that in this economy. Your solution is much better.

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It doesn’t really bother me, but…

this aspect of it does! you get used to one way then they’ve fucked it.

Yeah, exactly. And the stage in the process where you get the option to remove the attached comment really isn’t obvious. Very easy to just go ‘yeah, that’s it, send’ and get caught out.

Try to always keep photos and comments separate now, to avoid confusion.