Extremely minor recent irks

I had that once, except it was a teenage girl engaged in a slanging match with a hated rival. Quite strange to hear her shouting about this other girl being a sad bitch etc, then listening back to herself and deciding to do another take.


do you want in? you could revitalise it

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Those clickbait ads that say “< INSERT AGING CELEB > was the most gorgeous <GIRL/BOY> on TV what they look like now leaves nothing to the imagination!!!”

Do they not know what the expression “leaves nothing to the imagination” means?

Got a hair growing on my nose. It’s tiny. No one can see it. But I can feel it. And can I leave it alone? No I bloody can’t.

I also keep forgetting to look for the tweezers while I’m upstairs.

Not every month has the same number of days!


Just use your fingers


The announcements at the station no longer say, for example, ‘the 1137 is delayed by 5 minutes’ but instead say ‘the 1137 is delayed, it will depart in 12 minutes’

Seems unnecessarily confusing (need to look at the current time, work out when 12 minutes is and work out how much of a delay it is). Just tell me my train is 5 minutes late.

You wouldn’t download a fatlip


I think you’ll find it will take the dev team two sprints to spec out and implement that bonus functionality

The supermarket near work where I often get lunch has a nice salad, hot foods, and soup bar. Usually get a salad. But they don’t have salt & pepper shakers next to the dressings & nut toppings. Why? They also don’t have pats of butter anywhere near the soup bar, or anywhere in the store far as I can tell. I’m lucky if there’s even any bread rolls next to the soup. Today there was. But no fucking butter. Why? Once I bought a pack of butter because I was so annoyed. Can’t remember if I left it in the office fridge or brought it home, it was long ago.

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Surely the new format is far easier?

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the tap-off on the buses in glasgow takes about 2 seconds to start to recognise the card, so as you’re getting off the bus, the time you’re standing there is exactly the amount of time someone getting on a bus might reasonably think that the final person has alighted. this leads to bumped people at the doorway.


If you say it’s 5 minutes late, I know it’s 5 minutes late

If you say it will depart in 14 minutes, you’re making me work out how late it is - That’s your job, not mine.

well, in fairness, knowing when it’ll depart is better than knowing how late it is. it’s actually doing the calculation for you. as in

10.50 is delayed by 20 minutes means you need to add the 20 minutes on to know when it’ll depart
10.50 is delayed and will depart in 20 minutes is actually more useful, in the moment. you don’t need to know the time it’ll depart. right?

like, i get what you’re saying but knowing a train is five minutes late compared to departing in five minutes i think is objectively more useful information, whilst on the platform.


But if you are delayed, it’s more useful to know how much you are delayed by surely?

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i don’t think it is? How I see it: it’s currently 10.45. they announce that “the 10.50 is delayed by five minutes”, i need to do to three calculations - add five minutes on to the time that the train was due to leave (10.55 now), then do a calculation to find out what time it is now versus the time the train was originally due to depart (10.50-10.45 = 5 minutes), and then do a calculation to see how long it is until that time (10.45+5+5 = 10.55).

if they say “the 10.45 train is delayed and will depart in 10 minutes” you don’t need to do any of the intermediate steps, just look at the clock and add 10 minuntes.


Having to tap off on a bus is slightly blowing my mind tbh

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? I thought tapping was used everywhere

Edinburgh at least you tap on then just … walk off at your stop

are there diff fare zones in Glasgow or something? I guess no need here as a single is the same price wherever, so doesn’t matter to the system if you get off in 2 stops time or 10 stops time