Extremely minor recent irks

Yeah there is, because the network runs from greenock to motherwell I guess

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I presume it means you also don’t need to tell the driver where you’re going?

I can see that from an efficiency viewpoint I guess, even with the delay at the off point.

(The buses here you just tell the driver where you’re going and they issue a paper ticket, but you can pay by contactless)

I’ve got a 1-2 of banana irks here.

Firstly, my daughter got given a banana case for her birthday, it’s in the shape of a banana, you put the banana in and close it up and put it in the snack bag. Except the bananas don’t always fit in the case. I’d say maybe 1 in 20 bananas are too bendy for the case? That’s the first irking.

The second one is the new packaging for bananas. The last six months it seems like bananas have gone from being wrapped in plastic bags to being wrapped in a long strip of super sticky paper. I get it’s probably for environmental reasons, I don’t want the plastic bag back, but the new sticker situation… it’s too sticky, it’s very hard to get the sticker off the banana in a hurry, often have to get scissors involved, you can end up bruising the banana. Hate it.


Tap on and tap off in Brighton too, fwiw

Brexit means brexit.


I find that you have to remove the tape on day 1 really, if you leave the tape on too long it’ll tear the skins open when you try and break them off from the bunch.

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Tap off currently not required though cos all single fares are capped at £2 - it will end at some point but not sure when

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Why are bananas wrapped in anything to begin with?

I understand a banana case for transport without bruising.


Tap off before it stops

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Extended now until the end of 2024 :bus:

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Someone in the school whatsapp app group announced she’d had a baby. The last 8 hours have been “congratulations” coning in from 60 different people.

Can the congratulations from everyone pls just be implied after the first few responses. None of us even talk at the school gates.


Just reply with this:



The :tada: reaction is right there!


Have to finally accept the era of paper tickets is over and I just need to deal with etickets from now on

My poor poor gig scrapbook


When someone posts something on social media that is just a load of text within an image.

It means the text cannot be translated.
It means the text cannot be read by a screen reader.

I know the intention is not to be ableist or elitist, but that’s the consequence.


I get irked by the amount of video “content” out there with no subtitles. Inaccessible for hearing impaired people but also annoying for me because I don’t want to interrupt what I’m listening to to listen to a stupid video


I hate when people put videos with subtitles out that are presumably generated by technology and they clearly don’t even bother checking if they’re accurate because they’re completely wrong.


I have no idea about uploading videos to social media so I don’t know how easy it is to check or correct the subtitles, but I had to watch a load of videos for a course I did recently. I don’t have a hearing impairment per se but I do put subtitles on everything routinely due to auditory processing issues, and the subtitles on those videos were often totally incomprehensible, which is definitely not acceptable for an education provider.

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It’s really easy to check and change…but no one bothers

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Had to drive my girlfriend’s car a few times last week because mine was in the shop and it was really frustrating having to take the keys out of my pocket to unlock the doors and start the ignition. A few times I’d unlock the door by pressing the button while the key was still in my pocket, then I’d sit down and realize the key was still in my pocket and had to fish it out to start the ignition. Which is an annoying thing when you’re sitting down.