Extremely minor recent irks

Ticketmaster have started doing ‘souvenir’ tickets which you can print off but aren’t valid for entry when an event is mobile ticket only. For an extra fee, of course.

Luckily with See (so far) there is always a PDF to print out and stick in my ticket album.

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Bought some trousers at TK Maxx yesterday, tried on one size and they were a little bit tight, so I grabbed the next size up.

Tried them at home, it’s a weird fit and it’s not going to work out.

Today I take them in to return, and find a different pair instead, which I try on (it’s a fit). There’s some faff with them not wanting to refund to my card, so I now have a £2 gift card. Ok fine, at least I’m done now.

Get home this evening, and the chunky security tags are still on the trousers. Guess I won’t be wearing these on the trip tomorrow I specifically bought them for, but at least I get to have another awkward exchange at TK Maxx.

What a sad little life etc etc

that new ‘@ type to insert’ thing that’s appearing on google docs and I can’t seem to get rid of

Yeah thanks I know how a new sentence works


Both on aesthetic and practical grounds a vertical toilet roll holder is wrong.


PEOPLE WHO put their jackets over the back of the seat in front of them at the cinema, theatre etc

So much worse than putting it on the seat next to them for some reason (also just put it in the floor like the rest of us)


I’ve never seen this. Terrible. Then again I haven’t been to a theater in a long time.

The app that lets me turn on the heating/air con in the car remotely has stopped working since my phone updated the other day.

Better be resolved by the time the proper cold weather comes.

God I feel so behind with cars sometimes, having never owned one that was anywhere near new or expensive. You can turn on the heating in cars with an app now? It wasn’t that long ago I still had one that had a tape player in it


Yeah it’s great, i set mine on a timer sometimes too. Can use my phone as my car key too


Can’t wait to get a car with these features in about 10 years’ time, which will inevitably be about 5 years after the app is decommissioned

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let 4 gigs happening over the next month sell out, despite knowing well in advance i wanted to go


The wonders of electric cars!

I had an email or a notification or something a few weeks back to say mine is being discontinued fairly soon because the network it communicates over is obsolete.

Can still set a timer for it in the car but that only works if it’s plugged in to a charger, which we don’t currently have. The heating works pretty much instantly when you turn the car on but it’ll be nice to get in and find it’s already at the right temperature and all defrosted in the winter.

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It does fall down sometimes e.g. I witnessed an argument at airport parking where you were required to leave your car keys and the person ahead of me in the queue was “but I open my car with an app!”.


Everytime i go to have some waxing, i always seem to be her first appointment of the day and she’s never at the salon when i arrive. Just shutters down, no sign of life. I dont want her to feel like she’s made me wait and rush her to open up so i wander about and come back actijg as if i just turned up after she arrived. Today i took a later appointment and she’s still not here. Irked that i keep having to wander about in the cold - dont think its unreasonable that she gets to the salon a little while before her first appointment to get the lights on and put the heat on in the freezing room I’m about to be half naked in. Or have an awning or a bench outside at least.

But she always does a great job and is affordable so i guess I’ll just be secretly fuming (and freezing) for time immemorial

I also arrived early once when she had a client and i sat in the sofa in the waiting room with my book and she seemed irked with me. She’s French. Do Frencb people not like promptness?

Doesn’t the car have keyless entry and push-button start anyway? That’s how mine works as long as my key fob is in my pocket.

I’d be pretty annoyed having to take my phone out to use an app whenever I want to get in my car. Although I take it out to put on my dash when I get in anyway. Just don’t like having to use an app for too many things anyway.

But also if someone does use an app to open their door and start the ignition, isn’t it wise to still have a backup fob? A fob just seems easier.

Non-car irk:

People in Facebook groups preceding their posts with “Admin, delete if not allowed.”

1, read the rules and stfu. 2, admins don’t need your permission to delete your dumb post.


I’ve got fobs too

a magnet or something has stopped working in my milk frother, so it now spins around in a circle while it works, whirring loudly

have to prop it up against the coffee grinder to trap it in place otherwise it fairly ruins a morning