Extremely minor recent irks

Online product reviews for products on the page that product is being sold on are rarely much cop at the best of times, but for kids’ games/toys they’re fucking useless.

98% are:

Bought as a gift for my grandkid. I’m sure they’ll absolutely love it. :star::star::star::star::star:

1% are variants on the theme of:

Arrived late! :star:

1% are:

Ok. Expected better build quality for the price. :star::star::star:


Toilet roll holders that DONT easily dispense toilet roll


Go a thing to hold toilet rolls in until they’re ready to be used and now everyones mad toilet rolls bigger and they dont fit

See also: Food places that are reviewed on the quality of the delivery service, rather than the food itself.


Don’t mind that last one though, bit useful.

Edit: maybe less so for a kids toy, but for other products.

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Aye, it’s fine. Wouldn’t harm to be a bit more descriptive. But fine. It’s the fact that it’ll be hidden by the trash 99% other reviews (where, for toys, it’s an infuriating amount of yet-to-be-gifted-by-grandparent reviews offering mostly self-congratulation over actual insight).


Ordered this yesterday, haven’t received yet but looks good!

5 Stars


When I have to use the toilet at work and the seat is very cold, unlike my heated toilet seat at home.

Better than when you use the toilet at work and the seat is warm, tbf


Someone stood in front of me at a gig the other night and - of all things - I found myself getting irked that his shirt label was sticking up, right at eye level with me. I surprise myself sometimes.


The doors at the Co Op outside work only open like half way

Catches me out every time.


Ok good call. No longer irked by cold toilet seat.


“I know this isn’t allowed but I am going to guilt you into leaving it here.”


Only a minor irk for now, as it all seems to be working quite smoothly at the moment but so far we’re dealing with 3 subcontractors of our insurance company to deal with the flood we had.

Presumably the loss adjuster folks will then be bringing in several more subcontractors when it comes to fixing the damage.

emailed a company to ask how their product X compares to other product Y. Got a reply which was very good, however …

“Our team have indeed tried product Y. They are quite similar, just a little more tart/less sweet, but if you like Y then you will like X!”

Great but … which is the tarter one??

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Realised I’d not received or had any update on an order from last year for a Sharon van Etten lyric book so chased the company as it was meant to be out Autumn 2023.

No acknowledgement and then 4 days later BCC’d on a generic email saying the project didn’t get enough orders so will be refunded. Either that is quite the coincidence or they’ve been hanging onto people’s money and only refunding when questioned.

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We can go to Space but when this happens the options are only cancel or download again, they can’t add a function to open the existing file?! Why would I want to download the same file again?! Why not give me the option to open it?! Irked.


New rule.

PDF menus are illegal.

HTML menus only.

Sorry, I don’t make the rules.


Actually, I do. It’s 2023. Get your shit together.


Probably more of a major irk but Apple Music has stopped working on my 6th Generation IPad. Looking through forums Apple are aware and looking to solve it in next 12 months, or through the next update. Definitely not planned obsolescence though.


I reckon Larry David could get a whole Curb episode out of that.