Extremely minor recent irks

There’s someone who’s taken to playing their electric guitar really badly with their window open across the street. Normally between 12-1am. I can just fear a faint twanging and it is SO ANNOYING.


On my TV if you press “mute” a mute icon pops up on screen and then hops around in that irritating screen saver way that things used to when they were worried about burning an image on you CRT. I turn the volume all the way down.


Argh I’m annoyed just reading that. Why would they design it like that? What if you’re watching something with subtitles and don’t want to disturb others? Argh


Yeah it’s such terrible design! Urrggghhh.

I buy quite a lot of daft electronic music with no vocals to give me a hint so I usually have to listen in Spotify to figure out out.


i’ll let you off then, but our TV doesn’t do that.

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It’s spiteful revenge.

You want the sound to be less intrusive, eh? Well, fair enough, but have this attention grabbing visual as compensation.

Bought a metal water bottle. Size/volume/capacity was listed in ounces. Absolute bullshit, mate. Would’ve bought from their competitor on that basis alone, but they were the the same.


Really grinding my gears how James, Anna and Dan on no such thing as a fish podcast all say “pardy” instead of party. More forgivable for Dan as he’s lived all over the world. Not so for Bolton James and RP speaking Anna.


(Spin off irk, I’m friends with James’s brother and he has recently tried to get away with this pronunciation too after a lifetime of saying it with a T)

Went to watch the new Frankie Boyle.

It’s one of those highlights complication episodes innit. What a load of cobblers.

Ep 7 snidery.

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Never get in a conversation with UK teenagers where they talk about things being “clichéd” because they now say “that’s so cliché!” all of them. The ones I teach. My own offspring. Urrggghhh.


“It’s not that big of a deal”


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I could care less about that kind of thing tbh.

“You’re a bit bias, though.”

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Sponsored a colleague on a justgiving page. Missed where to put my name a message in so now it’s just anonymous. What even is the point of sponsoring someone if you don’t get to play the big man?

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Sponsor them a further 1p and in that message state that the £575 (I assume?) donation above is yours and yours alone.


Followed up with a message to say “hey I accidentally did it anonymous and didn’t get a chance to wish you good luck”. not sure where that leaves my “big man” status. not great.

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Flag the transaction as fraudulent with your bank :+1:


I always do anonymous. #somodest

“See the anonymous one? That was me. I did it anonymous because I am very modest. You’re welcome!”