Extremely minor recent irks

The web version of Facebook seems to have removed the ‘mark all as read’ option against notifications. Now you have to hover over each notification, click the three dots that pop up and click mark as read. Weird.

It’s still on the mobile web version though.

That is just Facebook trying to make the mobile web browser unusable so you’ll use the app.
Ain’t gig to happen Facebook.

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No it’s the wrong way round for that: the feature is in the mobile version, it’s been removed from the desktop version.

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I’m already torn

My friend, a zealous conspiracy theorist who posts so much misinformation on Facebook, posted a picture of “the worlds smallest bird” with accompanying “facts”. It was clear it was handmade and I found who made it with like a 5 second Google search, I wouldn’t have commented only I wanted to use it as a means to point out that he shouldn’t believe everything he sees shared on Facebook. So I linked him to the artist who made them and posted a photo of the actual smallest bird, which was much bigger.

Him, or his mates, have reported me for spreading false information and facebook has agreed and deleted my comment.

For comparison I reported someone for selling merchandise that glorified peadophiles and Facebook didn’t delete their post.


Very majorly, minorly irked by this.

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I’m thinking of upgrading this to the majorly irked thread


Just realised I can connect my laptop to my wireless speaker in my office, so I don’t need to use my phone. Been WFH for over a year. Irked.


I used to report so much porn and like terrorist content on fb when I was a social media manager. Not once did it ever “violate their guidelines”.


Got a second 2x2 IKEA Kallax for the girl’s room to provide a long continuous shelf for the Lego.

Of course I have now remembered her 2x2 is an Expedit we shipped over with other stuff from the UK so they don’t match :weary:

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Sell them second hand and get a 4x2?

Nah she decided she wants them in two different positions do it’s okay. :grinning:

Also we have a 2x2 Kallax and a 4x2 in the living room so would have swapped if worst came to worst.

Gah, that page are at it again with their lol so unique to a location chat.

Geese are just a Manchester thing now guys.


baby geese don’t make their way around the city, wtf are they talking about

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Good, you can fucking keep them.

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Take it to the extremely minor recent HONKS thread!

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Tins (same make/size) that don’t stack securely on top of each other in the cupboard