Extremely minor recent(ish) annoyances


Virgin Media have changed the number of some of their channels and Channel 4 HD which was 142 is now 141 meaning I get Channel 4 +1 if I accidentally forget and press the old numbering. Also BBC4 HD is now 163 which makes literally no sense.

My two pennies worth is that the HD version should be the default in 2017.


so much this. and why do people not watch the HD channels? you have them, use them!!! the wife says she doesn’t like HD because it’s “too real”




I’m getting increasingly annoyed by the phrase ‘not all heroes wear capes’. Didn’t mind it up until a few days ago but consider my goat got.

This #content alright for the thread Ant?


I’m with her if she’s talking about watching Lord of the Rings or Batman or some shit in Ultra HD, it looks truly ridiculous


It’ll do Jezza, it’ll do.


but… what… why?


I bought two new Xbox controller battery packs for £3.50 from China. They don’t charge in my charging thing.

It’s only a minor annoyance because I think it still worked out cheaper than buying AA batteries.


Dunno, can’t really put it into words but it becomes too stark visually for things that are fantastical, it highlights the preposterousness of it all or something.


Uh oh, sounds like someone is extremely minor recent(ish) annoyed.


but… film… in the cinema… what?


i have to give someone a paypal refund but i already took the money out of my account so now i have to put it back


Not in the cinema, on a big fuck off telly at home is when it looks daft.

It’s HD combined with all the daft visual features new tellies have innit.


surely anybody who buys a new TV immediately turns all those off? if not, consider this another minor annoyance for me


What daft new features do new TVs have? Mine turns ten years old this year #blessed


Go-Fast Stripes


You know what annoys me?

When people buy Chinese knockoffs that cost a couple of quid (including shipping from the other side of the world) and then complain that it doesn’t work as well as the genuine thing…




usually all the ‘make everything look shite’ options are turned on by default
ooh frame blending! sounds good mate
’ultra reality mode’
please make everything look orange
gr8 TV would buy again


This isn’t really minor, but it annoyed me for the seven thousandth time last night.

Adverts putting horrendous cuts in music/songs so that they fit, making them unlistenable and shit.

“Don’t even cut the whole bar Andy, cut like a 7/8 bar out of a 4/4 piece and really fuck with their souls. Andy.”