Extremely minor recent life joys


Extremely minor only please.

I recently realised that if I just pull my headphones out of the socket rather than pressing pause on my podcast app, when I go back to it later it starts from a few seconds before where I stopped listening - enough to give me a little reminder and seamless bridge into picking the thread back up.


I also recently realised this.


I woke up and had been made breakfast
Not even extremely minor because I don’t think it’s ever happened before


that’s barely even minor, let alone extremely minor. Can @moderators please put this post in an appropriate thread pelase?


Same with pausing on the NowTV app.

Not on Netflix tho.


count your realisation as another minor joy for me

EDIT: extremely minor


count the fact that that counted as a minor joy for you as a minor joy for me




watching a lady play guitar in a pub and being like wtf how she play so good



Just had a cup of coffee


Gave a meter reading to eon and found out I was £30-odd in credit (this is fucking major tbf).


seeing these lads on wednesday


Hate stag dos


Got into a little routine of watering all the pots in the garden around 8pm every night. It’s a nice zen moment, and signals the start of the evening wind-down.


Listened to Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours again.

Extremely minor because I’ve heard it countless times before and it offers no surprises, but it still leaves me feeling calm like a cup of tea.




Perfect material for the thread


Had a few more Weetos than usual this morning becuase it’s Friday