Extremely minor satisfying things

On my current favoured route home from work, I join the M11 at junction 11 then leave it at junction 14 to join the A14.

Slightly pleasing.


Just did a transaction for a basketful of stuff that came to £20.00.


If join join the M11 at Junction 11, does that mean you join the A14 at junction 31?


As with so many things, the French have this covered.

Sorry, you’ve lost me.

Maybe you need to invest in a better SatNav!

It’s built into the car.

Deleting the suggested ‘Friends’ on Facebook. Don’t know why but it just feels so God-damn cleansing.

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No it means he join joins the A14 at Junction 14

theo’s fan thread

Got to have a system!

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Exactly. I mean, it’s several miles out of my way and adds at least 25 minutes on to the drive, but look at those numbers!

Pouring exactly one shot at the end of a bottle of spirits

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