Extremely niche people who


The nicher the better.

PEOPLE WHO, when at a work conference/training thing where the dress code is business/smart/etc change their clothes for the evening meal/staring awkwardly into your pint of Fosters in some conference centre in Milton Keynes.

It’s off for two reasons. Firstly, it’s got this really childish air of “ooo, can’t possibly be wearing proper trousers and smart shoes all day” about it. Secondly, it’s incredibly depressing to see people get changed into their going out clothes for some shitheap conference dinner, like this is a rare night out for them.

I think this thread is going to do really, really well.


Also, I bet at least one person on here does this and is going to get a bit defensive about it.


Probably just nice to have a changr of clothes, much like you would when you get home after a day at work


Oh this thread is going to be yuge


I do this, usually making the excuse that I went to the gym or something in between (I never do, I usually eat my complimentary hotel biscuits and watch Pointless). I don’t wear anything approaching formal attire though, not sure what kind of sociopath would do that for a meal at the Didcot Toby Carvery.


Never seen or done this, and probably wouldn’t, but I can see the logic in it and it wouldn’t make me angry


I don’t like this brave new social board where everybody’s accepting of others’ foibles. Where’s the petty one-upmanship? The smug sense of superiority at someone’s habits being different to yours, stemming from a deeply seated inferiority complex? COME ON!


Ah Eps, did you wear your …Trail Of Dead t-shirt to the gala dinner? Did nobody know who …Trail Of Dead are?


I made an excuse and didn’t go, obviously.


It’s just not been the same since Fidel left.


Actually probably the most embarrassing example of this was when my American boss was over here and made us all wait around in a hotel lobby while he went to his room to change into what could have been an “American tourist” fancy dress costume: blue dad jeans, white Nikes, LONDON hoody, baseball cap. Jesus Christ.


Also, Fen folk: he insisted we went to The Eagle.


Should have dragged him to the Elm Tree, got him fucked on mead and left him to be ravaged by LARPers.


My favourite thing about the Americans coming over is when they ask if “chips” means “fries”. Yes mate. Same as the last three times you visited.


Can someone else contribute, please? I feel like I’m doing all the heavy lifting here and my example isn’t very interesting.


People who start boring threads then keep posting in them to keep them at the top of the boards when no one else is interested


Great example, thanks. Might be a bit too relatable for this thread, though.


It’s probably just weak banter.

You know, you’ll probably think I’m a cunt for this, but when you said about:

Mrs CCB and I actually did go to a fancy dress party as American tourists once. The theme itself was incredibly iffy but I think we carried it off with some panache.


Fine example of fancy dress, I think. Low-medium effort, not too smug, no blackface involved. Ticks all the boxes.


The first time I went on conference I didnt change for the evening dinner and everyone else did, the second time I did and no one else did. I dont really like wearing a suit in the evening as the more meals I wear my suit and shirts for the more chance I have of spilling food on them.