Eye colour

Continuing the census, because frankly I’m bored. I have hazel eyes. I’m not that keen on them, they’re not really properly brown, grey or green.

  • Brown
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Hazel
  • Green
  • Grey
  • Other

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Kind of a greyish-blue for me. Plumped for grey as I think if I described myself as blue-eyed on a dating website and you had a thing for blue eyes and met me and saw my eyes you would feel short-changed.

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hazel crew reprazent


I always feel like they’re not really a colour.

You also look an awful lot like a house-plant


My eyes are exceptionally blue and really very, very beautiful

Are you ambushing everyone from behind that plant?

I’m afraid current camera standards aren’t up to scratch to capture their beauty and pureness as yet, I’ll do a small oil painting of them at some point and send it to you in the post (along with instructions for lighting it correctly for full impact)

another hazel here. always just referred to them as brown for years but there’s too much green and stuff mixed in to say that definitively


I always used to wish I had blue eyes when I was a kid. Blue eyes and freckles.

Mine are too green to say hazel. Haha unlucky I’ve got mysterious green.

Sub-poll (sorry @_Em)

What’s your eye size?

  • My eyes are like dishes
  • Normal
  • Tiny eyes of a cockerel

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Sub polls are more than acceptable. Should make use of all the fancy new features of the website before Sean’s trial subscription runs out.


I am curious about these other coloured eyes @Kallgeese @NoahVale

Be merciful when you strike.

Thought they were brown but I’m told they go green in some lights so I guess they’re hazel.

Is black on there for people who’ve been in fights recently or do people actually have black coloured eyes? Not sure i believe that

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Yeah some people do.

(Can include scrappers too though if they like)

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Actually, I guess my eyes are usually noticeably more red than blue, as they’re usually bloodshot.

I thought you were a healthy-living man with that superior lifestyle and all the answers?