Eye colour



Thought they were brown but I’m told they go green in some lights so I guess they’re hazel.


Is black on there for people who’ve been in fights recently or do people actually have black coloured eyes? Not sure i believe that


Yeah some people do.

(Can include scrappers too though if they like)


Actually, I guess my eyes are usually noticeably more red than blue, as they’re usually bloodshot.


I thought you were a healthy-living man with that superior lifestyle and all the answers?


I have the most dull, mud brown eyes imaginable. Bleak.


I also have grey-ish blue eyes. I can’t quite describe it.


Wouldn’t that look really weird, like they have giant pupils?



green but with more of a brown hue nearer the pupil




Enjoying this sequence of statements :slight_smile:


I also have long-term eye conditions and insomnia.


I wrote the first half of this sentence then popped out for a coffee and finished it off when i came back.


Insomnia <---- i condition


Are we all getting groomed?! :wink:


Mine have a pronounced ring of green around the pupil. The rest of the iris is blue.

I’m looking the phenomenon up for the first time now and trying to figure it out. Good job thread!


Yes, I am very dangerous and you should stay far away from me.

More like lowest common denominator polls that anyone can answer, because I like the poll function.


Mine are kind of green-tinged grey with a brown centre. Leading to an overall sort of sludge colour.


I would never have taken any notice of mine but my optician and previous partners have all commented on how unusual they are. I suppose they’re the only people who ever see me with my glasses off.

Green/grey with a brown centre sounds far more interesting than plain old sludge!