Eye contact thread

What are you like with eye contact per conversation on average?

  • Keep it solidly 100% of the time, no blinking.
  • Keep it most of the time
  • A bit of eye contact
  • Sometimes catch the other persons eye, but not for long
  • Never look someone else in the eye.

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Talk to me about eye contact bbz :eyes:

Have to deliberately do it in order to hide that I’m a parody of a fully functioning human being, and get noticeably worse at it if I’m tired.


When I was old enough to go on the piss, I was advised not to make eye contact with other people because that’s how fights get started (which tbf was kinda true in Bridgend on a weekend).

Have been trying to change that habit in the years since, but it’s in pretty deep. Make eye contact too long and I feel like I need to get a sucker punch in and leg it.

Couldn’t hurt, tbh

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Don’t feel comfortable doing it if I don’t know the person. I feel like my soul is being stared into and that the other person can tell exactly what I’m thinking and that I’m a bad person etc.

Apparently good eye contact is the way to pull someone

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Or get a job

I think I make too much eye contact. I suddenly become aware that I haven’t looked away for ages.

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I do that thing I’ve seen in a lot of films and TV where you make solid continuous eye contact when you are listening to someone talk, and then when you talk you sort of look in their general direction but don’t make eye contact, so look at one of their ears or noses maybe. I’ve had several job offers and successfully pulled using this method (also helps that I am cool).

Maintain it as much as possible. Particularly when that person is having a conversation with me while looking at a phone.

Bit of eye contact but not too much. People intent on making lots of eye contact tend to be a bit intense/sociopaths in my experience.

As I’ve posted on here before I think, I do the classic autistic thing of focusing on the mouth of the person I’m talking to unless I make a really conscious effort not to.
Most folks will make eye contact mainly with the left eye, then do the occasional triangle through right eye amd mouth.

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i’ll realise midway through a conversation that i haven’t been making eye contact at all and so i’ll deliberately try to make it for the rest of the conversation but looking away now and then when i feel a bit awkward about it all

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Mostly good at keeping eye contact, unless I’m hungover and then I find it impossible to look at anybody or have anybody look at me


If I make too much eye contact I feel like I’m being creepy or worry that the other person might think I’m cracking onto them.

Weird ennit.

Normally I will naturally maintain an appropriate and comfortable level of eye contact but every now and then, particularly if I’m a bit nervous, I make the mistake of actually thinking about what I’m doing with my eyes and have a full blown crisis of confidence. When this happens I imagine that my eyes start darting around frantically, lingering too long or not long enough. At this point I start to notice a look of mild panic on the face of the person I’m talking to.

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Refocus on the spot in the middle of their eyebrows. They can’t tell the difference. You’ve got this.

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A lot of people (mostly older ages) close their eyes when they talk. Having tried this myself (when talking to people when I’m wearing sunglasses) it is a lot easier to hold a conversation, maybe because there is no visual stimulation so you concentrate better?