Eye contact thread

Hair on your head?

oddly enough, no, although it mightn’t be a bad change of career for me. I’m pretty sure they get to look at one eye for an extended period of time, without being considered rude, weird or whatever it is people consider single eye focusers to be, if they in fact do at all

Yes, that is right, the hair on my head.

Maybe everyone should have to do it for six weeks to break down social barriers. Instead of military service.

I think I’d rather the majority of the people in this country had gun training than got within arms reach of my eyes, although there is something in it. maybe they could be cat opticians or something, they won’t take shit like we do.

You’re right of course but y’know I’m 35 now and it’s one of those things I’m stuck with I guess.

Do you have trouble holding eye contact with cats too?

Actual cats, jazz aficionados or the cast of Cats?

Channel my inner Bob Holness!

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actual cats are fine, i just pretend to look at their paws, but little do hey know I’m actually looking at their eyes. I tend to stay well clear of anyone related in anyway to jazz and I’m not allowed into any productions of Cats, asfter it emerged I was a cat cosplay fetishist

Such a familiar story

Focusing on the mouth is still a bit much for me, if I don’t know someone then they’ll be lucky if I can even look near their face.

If I know someone properly though it is quite the novelty to actually enjoy making good eye contact and be able to look at a face without it hurting.

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Please don’t look at my mouth :no_mouth:


Ah, I don’t mind really, look away :slight_smile:

I often think omg i’m looking at their mouth too much then I’ll look up to an eye and remember that you should look them inbetween the eyes and so my eyes are basically darting around their face constantly


I look at mouths because I have terrible hearing so I have to rely on lip reading a little otherwise i’ll hear what they say but because I didn’t see it i’ll be like “did you just say i’m a little bitch?” and they’re like “no i was saying I have an itch”

But yeah I panic i’m not looking at someone in the right way. then i’m like OH SHIT i’ve been looking at that nostril hair for too long

Learnt a fascinating thing that men talk to other men by standing side by side with them and thats how they connect but women connect with other women by being face to face with them and maintaining eye contact so thats why sometimes men and women don’t communicate properly i dunno

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For me I think it’s a way of focusing sensory input. I’m very distracted by sound (can’t do conversation in loud bars or restaurants really) so focusing on the mouth brings it all together.

It means I’m hypersensitive to slight audio-sync issues on TV as I’m still watching the mouths!

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