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I’ve started wearing contact lenses again and fucking hell i HATE THEM and can’t get on with them. Does anyone else have this problem or is everyone walking around with insanely dry sore eyeballs?

Blue, 22-20 vision, increasingly visible crows feet beside them, nothing else of note.

Have you tried any different kinds? If you’ve got a relatively mild prescription then there will be different types you can use.

Such a fool…



alright, guy garvey

got literally nothing to say about my eyes, sorry

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I had several operations on my eye when I was a kid for strabismus (boss eye), and then a cyst from one of the stiches in my eye ball. When I’m tired it comes back a little.

I have a dominant, but short-sighted right eye. I can’t wear contacts and my eyes puff up very easily with hayfever.


I bought a new pair of glasses a few weeks ago. Really liking them and have bought another pair yesterday for a slightly different look.

That’s all. I thought I’d mention.

I like my sclerae

This is rubbish marckee!!!


My eyelashes keep going in my eye.

I get this. I have very long eyelashes to the point that they often curl back into my eye.

I wear glasses because contact lenses in the office totally dry me up.

I’m short sighted (-3.5 in both) and have an astigmatism. I need to get new glasses but they are insanely expensive over here so might have to take a trip back to the UK at some point.

Used to wear glasses as a kid but when I was about 11 was told I didn’t need them anymore. Nowadays, I’m increasingly aware that my left eye is weaker than my right eye so I should probably go have a test, but frankly they work fine together so CBA.

Think I prefer wearing them to glasses - glasses slip about on your face and generally get in the way. I only get issues if I wear them for a very long time (early morning into proper late night out)

I wear normal daily disposables

I don’t actually wear them everyday as it feels like a waste of money


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dont think people would recognise me without my glasses


My prescription is

Right eye : -2.75

Left eye : -3.25

Annoyingly I’m starting to get long sighted too. I have to put my glasses on the top of my head when reading my phone, and I’m screwed if I’m wearing contacts. Have not yet stooped to getting some cheap “readers” from the chemists

Colour is a mix of green and blue

Show us.