I’ve got to have a crosslinking procedure on my eye

I hate anything to do with eyes so I am not excited

Anyone had any eye surgeries or fun tales?

My friend had laser eye surgery and I went with him so he had a lift back.

When we were leaving a woman in the car park asked me to park her car for her, as the space was really tight and she was nervous about it.

I parked her car for her, only crashing it a little bit whilst doing so.

This post doesn’t really have anything to do with eyes, sorry.


I’ve had a couple of operations on my left eye.

The reason for one of them was that the previous one went wrong, but I won’t go into details about that.

I have a second blind spot in the middle of my right eye (just woke up one morning and there it was, a little swirly pattern). If I look slightly to the left of light switches and the like with just my right eye open, they disappear. Hurrah!

I had a little wire basket put into my eye after my orbital floor got broken and my eyes were basically wonky

They said they’d have to cut my eye at the side and like flap it open to get that wire in there…but then they didn’t and it makes me feel very funny thinking about how on earth they did it.

:frowning: does your eye feel alright now?

Nah, still hurts quite a lot of the time but I’m used to it now. It’s kind of like a dull ache there. Also my eye now looks so much more open than my other eye. It’s changed how my eyeball sits into my socket ever so slightly but it’s only something I notice.

Life ay.

ah I’m sorry to hear that.

Hope it doesn’t get you down too much!

My TV has the most beautiful big brown eyes. Y’know how cows have these big dreamy eyes and long eyelashes? I can’t possibly ever make that comparison though cos I quite like being in a relationship :laughing: :cow:

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I’ve got a lazy eye and one summer when I wasn’t wearing glasses much I kept getting this thing where my eye-focusing muscles would give up and my pupil would fully dilate. This made half my vision like an overexposed photograph, kind of dazzling bright grey/pink with twinkly bits around anything moving. Went away after a minute or so each time but was quite strange and fun. Then the optician told me it might happen permanently if I carried on not wearing my glasses, so now I do.

used to think I had good eyes now I’m pretty sure they’re fairly average as far as blue eyes go, I’ve seen better.

Thanks Bam! It’s not so bad.

Also got a cool payout for being punched :laughing:

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I have no fun eye tales and I’ve never had surgery on them.

Hate my eyes though; they’re like piss-holes in the snow. I should probably sleep more.