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Half-day for me so we can avoid the rush-hour traffic when we drive up to Leeds for some weekend flat-hunting and my mum’s birthday. We have all of three flats lined up to view - wish us luck!

Where bounce in Leeds hun?

Horsforth. TV needs to get out to Airedale and we know the area a bit from when my sister lived there.

Got a blood blister on my hand.


On the bus to the station cuz I’m going to LONDON. Haven’t been since I picked up my visa in summer 2013 and am absolutely terrified. Question: can you pay on busses in London or do you need to have one of those cards? How does this contactless thing work? Do you have to be registered? The official website is basically impossible to make sense of for someone who doesn’t already understand London transport.

You cant use cash anymore. You can use contactless, dont need to be registered or owt.

Don’t know if this is posh or I always just think it’s posh because it’s got horse in it.

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If your bank card is contactless you can just pay with that.

If not, you can buy an Oyster card at the station or a newsagents and load some money on.

Both of them you tap on the yellow reader to use.

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There’s a reader on the bus? You tap it when you get on and off?

Got a day off. Payday as well. Literally don’t have to move a muscle until about 6am Monday morning. I’ll probably spend this morning planning loads of exercise and chores and other productive endeavours, but then just stay in bed for three days wanking and eating pizza.


Last working day in Austria. Supposed to be a half day with the kids doing a show, but I am sick with your standard winter bug, so I’ve stayed in bed. Will be in Salzburg tomorrow, (but don’t know how up to sightseeing I will feel- I’ve been there before), and then fly back to the UK on Sunday.

Four days in the UK, then to Japan for 2 weeks. It finally feels real. It’s been six months away forever.

I don’t think it’s especially posh. I’ve not seen any actual horses in the time I’ve spent there previously but I’ll keep my eyes peeled tomorrow.

Only once for buses when you get on.
Tubes and trains you use it at the start and end.

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Only when you get on. It’s a big yellow circle, you can’t miss it. You get on at the front door (or also the back door on the fancy new buses), and get off at the middle door. Keeps people flowing better on busy buses.

Underground and overground trains you have to touch in and out, but a lot of stations have barriers and you can only get out by touching the reader anyway.

Thank you!

Looks like this:

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Does it flash or beep to show it’s read it?

Yeah it beeps, and if it doesn’t work, you get a red light and a different beep.

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Also if you have an oyster card and you run out of money, it gives you one overdraft bus journey.

Also if you get a second bus within a hour of the first, it’s free. (But still touch in)