Went to a sex club on Friday. AMA.

Have you been to a sex club (anon)

  • Yes, once, never again
  • Yes, once, would again
  • Yes, frequent flyer
  • No, but would
  • No, ewww gross

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Once, and somehow it was a fantastic experience so I’m not gonna push my luck and go again, unless I end up with a partner that’s into these kinds of things, in which case why not.


Based on my experience it would depend on whether you wanted to live an episode of Eurotrash :confused:


I think the no but don’t really wanna option is too dismissive, but probably that. Dunno

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Ooh, properly risque!

Did you go with a partner/friend/other? Did you enjoy it?

I’ve been before. I have LOADS of questions but will try and keep my hand on it for now…

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How much was a pint?


In my head it sounds like it could be fun but then you think about the realities and I reckon it would be unpleasant and awkward.


Yes with partner. Yes it was enjoyable but not really sexy in the slightest. No one hot there and a slight creepy men vibe by the end. Mostly funny, mundane and slightly tawdry.

3 quid for a G&T 5 for a JD&Coke. Don’t know what price cans

Of what? :nauseated_face:


Went to a ‘lap dancing’ club when on a stag do in Barcelona, about 15 years ago; only time I’ve ever been to such an establishment. I found it interesting, not remotely titillating. The interesting thing was watching the dynamic between the women working there and the patrons. The customers seemed to think they were controlling the situation and feeling great about it but it was fairly obvious that the women were fleecing them for every euro they had.

In my head it looks like the club Rectum from Irreversible. My question is, was the lighting better than in Rectum?

Would enjoy one I think. I like sex.

I think I like the idea more than I’d enjoy the execution. Also after reading that story on Savage Love about the guy who ran into his boss at Jacks I’d be terrified of running into a colleague there.

Different kind of club that, mate


I had sex before and hope to again some day!


This is what I always assume they will be like

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Did you do sex stuff with each other/with other people?

I’ve not seen your Rectum so I don’t know. They had a dance floor with UV lighting and it seemed alright. There was a completely dark room too.

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