After over 3 months in temporary accommodation & six whole months since our kitchen flooded we are finally moving back to our flat today

What a complete arse ache it’s been

What u up 2 2day DiS?


That’s good news at least BITT. You going to miss the spiral staircase?

Foggy here today, nothing major planned.

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Excellent news. Oooooh that floor though :heart_eyes:

Last day if half term, this week has been ridiculous and so stressful so glad it is almost over


First breakfast wearing one of those disgusting…can’t remember what they’re called, like the cloak Obiwan wore, but made out of hideous furry synthetic shiny crud.

Warm though! No heating on and still warm!

Maybe the motivation of ‘furries’ is misunderstood?

A good Friday to one and all!


Alright. Thursday for me today. 2 days to get through until a week off. Weirdly anxious about today. There’s a moderate chance of an internal audit and it’ll be on me to lead it of there is.


Made myself a nice coffee as a last day of the half term treat

Countdown to 3:05 is on

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I have to take Pascal, who’s AWOL 90% of the time, to the vet this morning for his annual check up. He wasn’t in the house when I first came downstairs, but after I’d done my morning bathroom ablutions he’d come in to ask for breakfast. Phew. Both cats are now mightily pissed off that the cat flap is locked for now. Just wait an hour Holly!

Anyway, happy Friday folks

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First day of a 5 day weekend, so having a bit of a lie in with the dog (yes, this is a lie in when I’ve been up before 4am all week).

Once we roll out of bed, we’ll have some breakfast, go for a walk and then I’m going to give blood at 11. Probably get something nice for lunch as a reward.


I’m going to be so late for work and I can’t even cycle cause i fell off my bike last week and still am in a lot of pain. Already paid for 3 ubers this month :sob:

Just back from the gym. Need to clean and tidy the flat before I get the landlord round to have a look at the tumble dryer so I think I’ll wfh today and get right into that once I finish “working”.

I fancy pizza for tea tonight so I’ll see about that.

Best of luck. I know auditors are just doing their jobs but far too often they’re a bit… difficult to reason with.

Jade Hairpins/Titus andronicus tonight
Mogwai tomorrow
Total hearing loss by Sunday


Alright kids?

Looks like a nice morning this morning. Am WFHing today but I’ve got one of those slightly disjointed days where I’m also doing both school runs and attending Cheekster 2’s assembly.

Time for the :sun_with_face: DAYLIGHT UPDATE! :sun_with_face:

:sunny: :crescent_moon: Daylight :heavy_plus_sign:
King’s Lynn 07:25 17:00 09:34:48 +3:47
Brighton 07:53 17:09 09:15:59 +4:19
Glasgow 07:55 17:07 09:11:40 +4:17
Manchester 07:38 17:08 09:30:43 +3:54
The Beer Factory, Devon 07:35 17:23 09:47:47 +3:26
Newcastle 07:40 17:01 09:21:39 +4:09
Cardiff 07:36 17:18 09:41:45 +3:36
Belfast 07:56 17:20 09:24:04 +4:05

Exciting days for both :blue_heart: :yellow_heart: KING’S LYNN :yellow_heart: :blue_heart: and :black_heart: :white_circle: NEWCASTLE :white_circle: :black_heart: who are both past the 5pm mark! We’ll be basking in sunshine on the east coast this evening.


Morning all!

I’m not so secretly hoping that Microsoft isn’t working for us again but I might end up going into work earlier to broadcast my morning class.

I’m really tired.

Morning DiS from a windy Dubai.
Not sure what day it is for me - flew in yesterday, working all weekend, flying back Monday and straight back into work. So it’ll be 12 days work on the bounce.
Still this was the view as we circled last night:


Best thing is, it’s unannounced. So more a case of me going “it’s the last day they could come in before my week off, and I’m the only experienced manager on, so they’re coming in today”. Stoopid brains


I’m still riding high from Carly last night :grin: Had a few hours sleep in my disgusting hotel and I’m up early to get the train back to Lancaster h o p e f u l l y in time to WFH :crossed_fingers: the train has to be right on time and I have to really hoof it up the hill to be in time for my first meeting.

Got a little co-op wrap and coffee for the journey and CRJ on the headphones at MAX VOLUME



Very low key hungover tbh

Gonna slob around ticking off some of the todo list, drinking lots of OJ, then Young Fathers later

Technically day off but want to finish some work.

Gonna try finish book been reading since Christmas.

Need to tidy a bit too.

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Just the 500 coughs last night. Got a fun afternoon, going to take someone from work to my favourite secret bit of art in the city and for a nice lunch. And my 1-2-1 has been pushed back to Monday so at least i wont be fired today!