F u g a z i

Yeah, that’s it. I noticed them in the water but didn’t know the link to Spiderland

I never noticed full stop. Just skimmed it.


That’s what I took it as meaning but happy to change my poll choice if it was only the nod to Spiderland :safety_wink:

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I think for me I always sort of saw it as an abstract image for ages. I recall listening to the album loads but not really taking much time with the artwork.

At a certain point I realised the top half was a zoom in on their amp head so my brain then just decided the bottom half must be the speaker, no matter how unlikely it looks so I just moved on.

Red Medicine was also probably the one I listened to least when I first got into them. I bought all the middle albums between Repeater and The Argument in a couple of orders from Dischord, MP3ing or MDing as soon as they arrived, so I guess artwork got even less study

I never noticed the photo which has baffled me :smiley: especially as i’ve had the lp for about 20 years so its not as though i can blame it on the image being a thumbnail!

Always thought the cover a bit dull but this has now elevated it…slightly!

(Is it recognised as a nod or is it just them in the sea?!)

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I dunno. I guess I’m assuming they were trying to recreate the look although maybe just for fun and then out it on the album?

Yeah probably. I mean the insignificant band i’m in did the same on a t-shirt and i’m sure we weren’t the first!

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MacKaye’s in breadcrumb trail isn’t he and hung out with Slint for a bit, so probably.


While we’re in here…

that Coriky lp, despite the shocking artwork has stuck around for me this year. Nice album. If anyone hasn’t had a listen i’d recommend it


Gonna add to the Steady Diet appreciation from earlier this year. Not their best album as a whole but by golly it’s got some corkers on it. Reclamation is top tier Fugazi and there’s at least another 4 that aren’t far behind - Nice New Outfit, Latin Roots, Runaway Return and Kyeo. And the tracks I haven’t mentioned are all solid.

Fugazi don’t do bad albums even if they themselves dislike a certain one/ones

Edit: reposting this cos it’s ace


Got it now, thanks. Was being a bit slow as to me the Spiderland reference had never clicked, but I’d always known it was a photo of them in water

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kyeo is one of their very, very best.


MacKaye is in literally every 80s/90s indie/punk music doc ever though


This was the tour where I first saw them. Their live sound was so fucking immense… blew my little teenage mind.

Dischord turns 40 :+1:


Christ, was it really twenty years ago I bought the Dischord 20 box?

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I thought the exact same thing

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Great read, thank you.

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