F1 2019

So first race is on Sunday.

Early signs hint that Ferrari have serious pace to challenge Mercedes. Rest of the pack it’s not too clear.

Red Bull now have Honda engines, Ricciardo is now at Renault who are an unknown quantity, but seem to be improving. Sainz Jr is now the Spaniard at McLaren now that Alonso has retired, and Kubica makes a remarkable recovery to get a seat at Williams (who’s car is a lemon). A bonus point for fastest lap could be interesting, and aero improvements with more aggressive DRS mean easier overtakes apparently.

No free to air races at all except Silverstone. Legal options if you don’t have sky are a NowTV subscription for £195 a year (fuck that). So listening on the radio it is:wink:



  1. Vettel
  2. Hamilton
  3. Verstappen


  1. Mercedes
  2. Ferrari
  3. Red Bull

Charles Leclerc’s been pretty much matching him for pace in testing. Obviously young and inexperienced but if he starts seriously challenging Seb (a la Hamilton in '07 vs Alonso) then expect a lot of toys being thrown out of the pram (and likely a Hamilton canter to the title).

Also Vettel to win the Driver’s Championship and Mercedes to win the Constructors? Maybe I’m overly impressed with Leclerc but can’t see Bottas outscoring him this season. See how unreliable the Ferrari is I guess.

I think Bottas is a pretty reliable number two. LeClerc the unknown quantity.

Also I think it could be very close between Vettel and Hamilton.

Yeah. I might just have a bit too much of a stonk on for him after last season. But I expect BIG THINGS (maybe not in his first season at Ferrari mind you).

Hamilton v Vettel might come down to the car/retirements. Mercedes have had the edge of Ferrari there. Also depends where Seb’s head’s at and how petulant he is this season.

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Has he still not matured yet?

I’m at a weird point with F1 where I can’t really be arsed to watch any of the races but I still quite like following it, and will watch the highlights if I remember, so I’m relying on this thread to keep me up to date.

Thanks in advance. Thadvance.


He’s far more mature than he was in the Red Bull but still not ideal (esp. if the car’s not working out for him). My point this season is if Leclerc is on his heels then that’ll test his attitude because he hasn’t had a younger competitive teammate in a long time. Could be a stirring battle. Last few years he’s had an ageing, slowing surprisingly subordinate Raikkonen to content with which suited him nicely.


Sad news that Charlie Whiting has died




Yeah one of the old guard who’s just completely synonymous with the sport. Didn’t seem a bad egg at all.



I came in here to post almost exactly this…

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the usual response stands.

‘you don’t have to post in every thread, you know’

Don’t let me stop you. If we get a chorus going, it’ll almost be like we’re right there in Melbourne.

I do quite sincerely like F1, but the noises are the best part tbf.

Hamilton will probably win the title again. Can see Vettel running him close but getting frustrated by not having things all his own way at Ferrari with Leclerc showing him up/mugging him off a couple of times. Think Vettel will win comfortably this weekend though.


Here’s what would be awesome - Ferrari front row in qualifying. Vettel on pole. Leclerc rinses him with a ridiculous move at the first corner, takes the chequered flag having led all the way with Seb fucking screaming into his radio for the entire race.

Won’t happen. But please F1 gods make it happen.


(Also in this scenario Hamilton cruises the entire race in 3rd, just laughing)

WOLFF: Lewis how are the tyres
HAM: Hahahahahahahaha


I share your stonk, so to speak, and would dearly love to see Leclerc make Vettel look daft this season. Put a probably ill-advised bet on him being world champ this year too, based on ferrari’s preseason and general giddiness.


What would be a good outcome is Leclerc storms it this season but Vettel’s antics allow Hamilton to squeak through and lift the title again (see Kimi 2007*). Ferrari bin Seb off a la Alain Prost in 1992, and poach Verstappen in for 2020 under strict just let 'em race team orders. Now that would be racing.

*Yes I know Kimi won the most races that year and was a deserving champion