F1 2020

Honda leaving at the end of 2021

Red Bull back to Renault engines most likely

remember what happened the last time Honda pulled out of F1 due to an economic downturn?


Safety car shootout again!

you guys knows what I was on about here right?

Honda pulled out in late 2008 due to the financial crisis, but the car they’d developed for 2009 was brilliant… so when Brawn purchased the company from Honda, it was their work that essentially won the championship, just didn’t have their name on

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Time for a Covid-safe shoey I reckon… it’s been too long.

crazy to think about how impossible it seemed for anyone to match 91 victories and yet here we are

can’t see him failing to get to 100 now

Aye, but this time is different - they’re pulling out as a supplier rather than constructor and they’re doing so early rather than last minute. Iit’s not like Red Bull have the option of running unbadged Honda’s in 2022 because there won’t be anything to rebadge.

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Sources: Ergast.com; F1-Facts.com; “Formula for success: multilevel modelling of Formula 1 driver and constructor performance, 1950-2014”, by Andrew Bell et al., Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports, 2016; The Economist

I’ve been getting to know the Algarve circuit a bit on my racing sim - looks a real cracker. Has me really looking forward to this upcoming GP. Lots of sweeping corners and elevation changes, and seemingly plenty of overtake opportunities… though it’s difficult to get a real sense of that until we get a real life race on it. Either way, I’m buzzing for it.

When we were last in Portugal we went up Monchique and you can see the track from the top. Looks amazing.

Should have started using it years ago.

(this is from August but I only found it yesterday)


I remember having a few goes on it on Project Cars 2 years ago, seemed like a fun track. had a glitch where it didn’t count my laps properly and I ended up nearly a lap down despite being in the lead and never touched the game since, but pretty sure that isn’t the circuits fault. although if it happened to Hamilton that could be quite fun - he’d probably still win though.

looking forward to that, Imola and the weird alternate Bahrain as it’s always fun seeing new/different tracks on the calendar.

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I remember this one - Kovalainen in 8th! :smiley:

spoilers!! :wink:

interesting that they only showed us the top 8

here’s Andrew Bell’s 2016 list alongside the f1metrics 2014 list and another list from 2009

I’d love to know more about this model from The Economist, and also to know how other drivers rank. The f1metrics article comparing the lists in 2016 was very interesting.

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Guenther Cleans Haas

Oh thank heavens for that! There’s plenty more dead wood to be swept off the grid too.

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as EM says, good news in terms of clearing out two very average drivers. Hopefully they can find someone elite and someone up and coming.

At fucking last! So, does that mean Perez will go to Haas then?

It’ll be pay driver(s) a go-go.