F1 2021

I’m no good at starting threads. Should be an interesting season after a lot of reshuffling around. Will try and do a prediction competition a bit closer to the start of the season.

First bit of news…

Shame to see him depart. Quite enjoyed him giving shit to Christian Horner


Decided I’m 100% Aston Martin fan. Are we gonna win it all?

you might win best of the midfield, but expect strong competition from Mclaren who had a pretty good car last year, and are moving to Mercedes engines this year

That’s a shame. Unless he’s leaving so that he doesn’t have to get a tattoo?

Really hoping for another Netflix series of last year’s championship. I hope they managed to film it.

They were buzzing round when Ted was doing some Notebook’s with cameras filming so I think there will be one don’t know how long it’ll be mind.

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Looking forward to seeing how Tsunoda does.

Crazy that Davide Brivio has had such a late move to F1 (don’t often see moves in that direction). It’s a real shame for Suzuki coming off the back of the Championship win - hope they can keep the level going as riders and team all seem very sound. Looks like Marquez is going to miss at least some of the season (and will be way off form if/when he does return) so they have a good shot of getting it again this year (would like to see Rins take it for balance).

Sorry, MotoGP tangent over.

Thank you for this sentence. I hadn’t a single clue what you were on about.

Imola is back on the calendar

Fingers crossed we get a return to Portugal. Love that track.

this is how the all time table looks if awarding the 25 - 18 -15 etc. scoring system for position in the championship.

full table, open to see