F1 2021

Youch Bottas. Will be some unhappy people in Mercedes later!

Just noticed that Russell is in tenth, although Norris looks quite close behind.

(Not meant as a direct reply to wiggy!)

All worked out in the end at least (touches wood)

good race in the end

highly likely that the regulation change next year will result in one car being miles faster than the rest so gotta enjoy this while it lasts haha

Mazepin got another point on his superlicense yesterday:

How many do you need before it is revoked?

You’re allowed 11 in a calendar year.
If you get twelve in a calendar year then you get a one race ban.

It doesn’t carry across from other classifications, which is just as well, as he got 11 points in 2020 in F2

Amazing stuff from Leclerc until binning it right at the end. Bottas put in a shift in Q3, but surely it’s Verstappen’s to lose, presuming that the repair job on the Ferrari includes a gearbox change.

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Have Ferrari fucked it?

This is dire. They need to make it a time trial or something it’s just awful as a race spectacle

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Ooh, some action!

Oh no, the director cut away from it, nvm 🤦

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Absolutely shambles!

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Both Haas cars have been lapped by everyone in front of them (at least once), jeez.

Really the only entertainment here is Lewis getting crosser and crosser. Mercedes have made a total mess of this. So unusual. Lewis is going to collect a bag of heads afterwards, although he might want to remember they’ve won him way more than they’ve lost him, including the last one.

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Missed the race as it happened. Sad for Charles, horrible luck to crash and wreck it up that bad in any race, let alone those circumstances. Carlos and Lando on the podium together is as sweet as that Gulf livery. Can the real Yuki Tsunoda please stand up?

Max Mosely’s dead

It’s race weekend and Mazepin is back

A fair few more safety cars in store tomorrow? The drivers are absolutely loving binning it into Turn 15

That’s a tasty looking grid. We could be on for another Baku banger


Nasty one that.

Rosberg was saying that in the back straight there’s a straight wall that faces the drivers. If something like that was to happened there it’d be absolutely awful.

Others on Twitter picking up on it

This race could be the final nail in the coffin of Bottas’ Mercedes career. He’s nowhere and hasn’t had any issues.

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