F1 2021

Race has taken it’s time, but at least it’s had a payoff.

Lovely stuff



cracking stuff

also: the sprint races will continue because there’s money to be made

Interesting that Alonso and Leclerc put it down as a racing incident and that Max was aggressive in defending it.

I like Lewis and think that he gets a huge amount of unfair stick for reasons that are pretty clear (young black opinionated successful sportstar), but he’s not immune to being a bit daft in terms of his response, and I think he could have been a bit more apologetic to Max even if he didn’t take complete responsibility for the accident (I agree it was probably 60/40 his fault). Lewis isn’t particularly popular in the paddock with the other drivers.

The racist abuse is disappointing but not surprising, I think Max and Horner need to calm it down a little with the pretty heated comments. I wonder if this will make Max more aggressive or if something like that happens again that he doesn’t shut the door. Lewis knows that he’s rattled Max, which makes the next couple of races in Hungary and Spa really exciting.

Also i actually come away from the sprint thinking it was a pretty good weekend. I do wonder if they need to make it a little bit longer. I’d run it as an elimination race where the person in last place on each lap (or at a designated point on the circuit) has to pit), which keeps the focus on the back of the pack rather than the front so much. One of the problems is that the focus is on the first to drivers for the first couple of laps that you miss some of the excitement at the back in real time.

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Quite a lot of this sort of thing is down to a game of F1 chicken. Who’s going to blink first, who’s going to back off for the long game. Max (the young charger) basically never backs down and Lewis (with more experience) has often been the one to pull back, but there does come a point when he’ll have had enough and needs to show he won’t always do it. Max kind of needed to see it.

The really unfortunate bit of it is that it happened at about the fastest they could possibly be going for something like this, which has really set the Red Bull team off. Which you can understand, it was a massive, dangerous crash which hospitalised their driver (briefly at least) and everyone in the paddock is completely blinkered to their own team.

Agreed, I think they need to lay off the hyperbole a bit, it’s not that long ago that Max was renowned for causing accidents himself. And it’s not hard to find footage of him running drivers off the road to overtake, albeit at lower speeds.

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Racing incident for me, but I can’t get too excited about the penalty - it was a bold move. Verstappen was moving around a lot in the run up to the corner so might not quite have been aware of exactly where Hamilton was, but Hamilton did get alongside in the breaking zone and he did turn in across Hamilton’s line, while Hamilton for his part did have more space to the right he probably could have used once it was clear the Red Bull was turning in on him.

Horner et all really need to wind their necks in. If it’d happened the other way around they’d have been saying Hamilton didn’t have a leg to stand on in complaining about the move.

Think Hamilton was making a point by doing his two big overtaking moves at the same corner.

Good that the gloves are off it was far too nicey nicey

Prost nailed it a few weeks ago, from reddit 26 days ago

Interesting from Prost prerace that in his experience, a fallout is reasonably bound to happen. Through sheer odds, most races they will be dicing for P1 in the first lap, and then inevitably it will eventually go wrong after enough instances, and then there is then a good chance they’ll disagree.

A good pair of analysis videos of the rights/wrongs/fairness of recently issued penalties.

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Nearly a week on, Horner, Marko et al. still persist in overegging this incident, and it really isn’t a good look

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yeah Horner has always been a pretty nasty guy but this has been unpleasant.


It’s fair to say I have long despised the pair of them, but I’m nevertheless surprised by the complete and utter lack of dignity and awareness they’ve displayed since the crash. I think HAM & Merc have really gotten into RB’s collective head now; they’ve been assuming everybody’s going to roll over for VER’s aggressive ‘yield or crash’ style of driving, and now that HAM has a) stood up to it and b) come out on top they’re massively perturbed…

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that first one (not watched the second yet) is really good and exactly how I feel. I do like the idea of the penalty being slightly influenced by the dangerousness of the corner. I thought Max was lucky* that his car didn’t flip in the gravel and that could have been very nasty

*also testament to the quality of the runoff area that he didn’t

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Did enjoy on Monday morning a video from I think 2019 might be wrong but it wasn’t recent, that has also funnily enough now disappeared from the official F1 youtube channel called something like “Max Verstappens Top 10 collisions” showing up as a recommendations.

At the very least that video didn’t help Max looking like a completely innocent victim.

Never watched this channel before but he’s good. This is great

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It’s possible that credit here is due to @chris-budget iiirc

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I usually watch F1 on Sky 'cos my family has a subscription. I utterly detest Sky’s commentary (particularly fucking “Crofty”) but it’s live so hey ho. We watched it on C4 on Sunday because we could, but listened to some of the Sky coverage during the red flag. First time I’ve ever praised Sky over C4’s commentary; the former were at least trying to talk about racing incidents and being even-handed, and the latter were so blatantly VER-biased it was cringeworthy*. I get the feeling that F1 in general desperately wants VER to win this championship, so I do wonder if that’s partly why this incident has been so over-egged and the fault placed on HAM’s shoulders. Not by the stewards (I didn’t think the 10s penalty was justified, but at the same time could see why they felt they had to give something, unfairly or not), but by the media circus overall…

*Kudos at least to Steve Jones for asking Horner some awkward questions post race

Don’t like how Horner has become so cosy with the talking heads in the last decade. Feel that Drive to Survive is pushing team principals towards being soap character archetypes as well.

Formula E coming from London today, on a bizarre indoor/outdoor track based in and around the ExCel. Very jumbled quali results, could be a messy race.

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I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about but I’ll take the credit!! :grinning: