F1 2021


Aww, poor Russell losing the chance for a point.

The Bottas/Russell impact was fucking scary man

this is absolutely mad

what a race

wonderful stuff

last season was great but without a close race for the title, this season so far feels similar but with one

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Kimi’s reaction

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Kimi should be a professional cameraman. He’s always in the best spot to film accidents.

Valencia Formula E race has just had the craziest race finish I’ve seen in any motorsport. Not even sure I understand what happened. I’ll try and explain but if anyone knows better please fill in the gaps.

Obviously they don’t use conventional fuel, they have batteries. There’s a certain amount of battery-life management that needs to go on, you have to have more than 0% battery to finish. So far so obvious, only the “official” amount of battery you have left can be adjusted by the race organiser depending on what’s happened. It was a wet race with 5 safety cars and you use less energy going slower so the amount got adjusted downwards several times.

Unfortunately they misjudged how many laps were left or how much they needed because literally about three of the cars had any battery left on the last lap. It was total chaos with cars stopping and cars not stopping, because even though they had no official battery left, they actually did so they could still keep going and worry about disqualification later.

No idea if that even makes sense. It’s an absolute nonsense, looking forward to them making sense of it later on.

Just watched it. Absolute absurdity and very embarrassing for the FIA - have seen they’re blaming it on Da Costa not slowing enough to make it one lap, but if your calculations are based on that surely you need to direct him to slow?

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I watch Formula E a lot and their race control is often an absolute farce, but this was something else.

currently watching the historic grand prix of monaco

Jean Alesi took the lead at turn 1, he’s in a late 70’s Ferrari!

Good/bad? Honestly don’t know what to make of it.

Genuine meh at this reckon Gattuso.gif

The one thing I wish they’d bring back is refuelling during a race unless they may have got rid of it due sustainability?

check out this angle, lovely stuff (and really annoying it’s not the entire lap!)


That sound!

“the top three finishers in Saturday’s Sprint Qualifying will receive points”

Shite. Gonna award points for the quickest pitstop, too? Best paint job? Funkiest helmet? Wittiest radio banter?

The quali format I want to see is winter sports/time trial style.

Q1: Random order, every driver has a couple of laps to set a time on a totally clear track.

Then Q2: in order of slowest to fastest times set in Q1, they each go again to set a time to determine grid position for the race. Make it entirely based on that time. Take the best of the two. Go with a total or average. Whatever.

The point is that all eyes are on each driver in turn. And as Q2 nears the end, the tension mounts as we see whether an earlier driver on a clean run can hold on to their provisional grid position while the pressure is squarely on the mostly faster drivers to secure their expected positions toward the front of the grid.

have you said this before on here?

I’ve definitely read someone say this and agreed with them :grin:

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I have, and probably will again! :grinning:

you probably know this already, but they kind of did this in like 2003 onwards, albeit using either championship order or the last race’s finishing order for the first run, rather than random, plus a bit of faffing with fuel loads.

I don’t remember this being particularly good in practice, but tbh 2003-2006 was the period that I was least interested in F1 so I don’t remember it very well!

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not sure if these sprint quali race things will be any good, but I don’t mind them trying it out to see how it goes.

my main issue is that it shunts normal quali to Friday and I imagine I won’t be able to watch it because of work. plus FP2 on Saturday morning, which is in parc ferme conditions because that kicks in before quali, seems totally pointless and I imagine there’ll be barely any running as a result.

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