FA Cup and following week football thread

I realise you’re all preoccupied with the Royal Wedding, but there’s also the little matter of the final of England’s (and Scotland’s) Premier footballing competitions today.

Manchester United seem to be the favourites for some reason, but I’m not so sure.

This could really potentially out-boring the last United v Chelsea final.

Not sure if I’ll watch it or not. I’m predicting Untied to win 2-1.

I’ll probably watch it just to appease the usual end of season withdrawal symptoms, but let me tell you, I am not excited about it

1-0, McTominay, Mourinho’s fairytale ending


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  • The sweet release of death

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don’t really care who wins, just want it to be funny/good

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It’ll probably out-boring two toffs getting married tbqfh.

Has there ever been a more potentially underwhelming FA Cup Final since the last one?

Can’t think of two worse teams to have in the final

And that’s a whole lot of boring. Really hard to get excited about this game, especially as Conte will probably have a packed suitcase and boarding pass with him in the dugout ready to get going after the final whistle.

I’m just hoping both sets of players have fun, and the Chelsea fans get the enjoyment of being re-united with their beloved former manager.

It’s going to be so boring. 1-0 United, Fellaini (sub) 119’, with a deflection off that great shaggy head.

Remember being a kid, getting up in the middle of the night to watch the Cup when it was basically the only time a full game got televised over here. So exciting, so many good memories. Sigh.

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Would like it to descend into violence, two-footed tackles and sendings-off.


Nobody - except everyone - wants to see that.


The kind of game that commentators are duty-bound to describe as ‘a disgraceful spectacle, unbefitting of This Great Competition’ but everyone else (like everyone) absolutely loves

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will miss it due to other plans and don’t like either of the teams involved but think it could be a sort of gripping match (or completely unwatchable, dunno)
still like the FA Cup and think like the Europa League, people grumbling about how irrelevant it is sort of becomes a self fulfilling prophecy
my main issue with it in the last few years is it keeps being won by the same few teams & often as a sort of consolation prize after an underwhelming league season
would love to see someone like Newcastle or Everton winning it next year

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and thats just in the dugout!

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Has he signed a 6 year contract extension yet or is he waiting till after he lifts the World Cup for more :money_with_wings:

Struggling to get excited about today’s final as it’s being contested by my two least favourite clubs. Still gutted that my team (Spurs) lost in the semi-finals. For the neutral I think a Spurs Chelsea final would have been more of a spectacle.

Let’s just hope it’s not a repeat of the 2007 final.

Dear god.

Love a sunny cup final day.

Celtic vs Motherwell at Hampden, seeing who gets the last trophy before the Stevie G era begins.

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Strongly contemplating missing my first FA Cup Final. Watched every one i think since… Forest v Spurs in 1991. There’s just absolutely no way it’ll be a decent game and it coincides with the Magic Weekend which since moving to St James Park particularly has been pretty bloody good. Feels like a complete damp squib to me. Think some of the stuff we’ve seen this season from City, Liverpool, Napoli, even the likes of Lyon, Marseille, at times Betis, Valencia, even Fulham really and a few others makes me sort of resent the idea of spending two hours watching games between sides who kind of resent providing entertainment.