Fabric reopening?

Council and police have reportedly reached an agreement. Still needs to be approved by judge but possibly very good news. https://twitter.com/residentadvisor/status/800718397227024384


Great news.

Is this new “Night Czar/Tsar” involved do we know, given this would also imply Khan is actively helping to change attitudes?


I don’t think she’s even started the job properly yet - and if she has, she’s probably having to deal with the fuss that the Standard and Tory GLA members have been whipping up over her appointment.


Still won’t go

Confirmed - wonder what the new conditions are

Oh actually:

Each night closes with them playing The Internationale while everyone salutes a picture of Jeremy Corbyn?


Oh, good.

Sadie just posted this on Facebook

Sexy Sadie


Your autocorrect is so monocultural.

A note from Fabric

you don’t, wanna fuck with Sadie,
cos Sadie,
will reopen your nightclub


WTF?!? I didn’t even realise I had autocorrect turned on. It’s SADIQ YOU APPLE FUCKS!!

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p.s. Bring back editing your own posts @sean


“Right, I don’t really care either way… How about some of that affordable housing mate?”

• The use of a new ID scanning system on entry to the club.
• Enhanced searching procedures and controls.
• Covert surveillance within the club.
• Life-time bans for anyone found in possession of drugs, whether on entry or within the club.
• Life-time bans for anyone trying to buy drugs in the club.
• Enhanced monitoring and external auditing for compliance against procedures.
• Physical changes to the club, including improved lighting and additional CCTV provision.
• A new security company.
• Persons under 19 years of age shall not be permitted to be on the premises as a customer or guest from 8pm on a Friday until 8am on the following Monday or on any day during the hours that the operators promote a Core Club Night.

“Improved lighting” sounds like a bit of an atmosphere-killer.